1234 Howard: Aluminum Louvers (
A reader notices the individually operated (unit-by-unit that is) aluminum louvers being installed on the south face of 1234 Howard (and notes floor plans on the updated property website). And in the interests of our readers (okay, and of ourselves), we immediately dispatched a photographer.
1234 Howard: Aluminum Louvers (
And of course, a few more photos from the inside (a week before the rumored sneak peeks for a select few):
1234 Howard: Looking out to the south east (
1234 Howard: Looking out to the north (
UPDATE: According to sfnewdevelopments: two (2) studios in the mid $400’s (one BMR); eight (8) “one-bedrooms” in the mid $600’s (one BMR); and six “two-bedrooms” around $800K to $900K. Oh, and “there were originally eight 2BR units but Mr. Saitowitz himself will be living in 2 of them.” Let’s just say we’re not too surprised (notice the walkway connecting the top two south facing units) and it doesn’t suck to be Saitowitz.
New Stanley Saitowitz/Natoma Architects Condos: 1234 Howard [SocketSite]