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Mint Lofts: Hales Warehouse
Mint Lofts: Silver Building

Mint Lofts just launched a new website complete with photos, floor plans, and virtual tours for 410 Jessie (the “Hales Warehouse”; 52 condos), 418 Jessie (the “Station House”; 25 condos/rentals), and 424 Jessie (the “Sliver Building”; 6 full floor rentals). Also mentioned, a Plaza level French Bistro and “two-story Nuevo-Latino/Peruvian restaurant-lounge.”

Open houses are now expected to commence in the second half of February (and we’re still working on pricing).


28 thoughts on “Mint Lofts (410 – 424 Jessie): New Website, Photos, And Floor Plans”
  1. I realize that the whole concrete wall/floor thing is very traditional in a true “loft”, but don’t most people find that a little cold and uninviting? I mean, if I were literally an artist that was working out of my loft, then maybe it would work for me, but personally I would like to at least have hard wood floors and sheet rock on the walls.
    Probably just means I’m not true loft person. Also, what’s with floor plan views? It makes these places look like there should be a hunk of cheese in the middle of the loft that I have to find.

  2. These developments, along with the new Mint Plaza, the transformation of the old Mint into a city museum and the Westfield Mall should help push the edge of skid row a bit further toward 6th St. I also understand that the site of the former St. Francis theater on Market St. may also be redeveloped into apartments with a Target store at ground level. All are welcome developments, as I see things.

  3. These look great, and I would love to live down there (thought the neighborhood is, right now, pretty skeezy)
    Sadly, although I love these urban loft developments, right down to the beams and concrete and “interesting” neighborhoods, I can’t live in one since I need a garage of my own (I am kept by motorcycles, which need constant love and attention, and do not do well in shared garage-structures)
    But, on the point of that St. Francisc theater… Target? Really? I think that would be sad.

  4. Better Target than WalMart. And besides, why should city residents have to travel outside city limits to shop at a discount retailer?

  5. The Saint Francis Theatre becomes a Target! Before its brief life as a porn theater, I remember going to a multi-day, non-stop David Cronenburg movie festival there in the ’80’s. But then I am old enough to remember Grandma Lola taking me to see the “Sound of Music” at the Fox Theater, that used to be up Market a bit.
    I too am kept by motorcycles an need a garage with, hopefully, a little patch of level ground outside to pause at without falling over.

  6. Why not Target? Union Sqaure is filled with luxury retailers–why not round out the picture with somewhere you can get basic household goods at reasonable prices? Bloomingdale’s isn’t exactly where you shop for simple household goods, after all. And a Target in that location would be a welcome change from the utterly blighted current condition of that block.

  7. Target would indeed be great, and I would rather have it on Market than somewhere in Soma (like B B & B or Best Buy). Target is the kind of “big box” store that adapts well to downtown locations. I’m sure many people will still want to drive, but for much of the stuff you buy at Target you can easily take transit as well, and I can see popping in after work to get some cheap but oh so fashionable housewares.

  8. I work next to the new federal building, and I must say in the past six years, the neighborhood is coming around ( but not as fast as some of you might like). This is just another reason why this so called “Soma East” area will become a hip diverse neighorhood in the coming years.

  9. Not sure what the address is, but one of these buildings (just left of the old firehouse) has a parking lift that you can see from the street – the type that goes down to the basement so each car is independently accessible.

  10. I would also welcome Tarjay into the inner city. However, I have never seen one outside of the suburb strip mall scenerio. I wonder if they are anticipating the construction of the new Trinity Plaza (I hope).

  11. “I would also welcome Tarjay into the inner city.”
    Amen to that. I love going to the Big T but I hate having to drive down to Colma to shop there. It will be a happy day the day they open a Tarjay in the city.
    I’m planning to stay optimistic about the prospect of this area becoming a very attractive neighborhood, but the cynic in me won’t completely go away. It seems like that area is such an unpolished diamond. It’s so much potential, yet it’s underachieving horribly at the moment.

  12. The mere fact that the loft in the rendering has windows on three walls makes it a winner. Here here to adaptive reuse, Target on Market Street (think of the thousands of car trips we’d save to Colma), and light on more than one side (the scourge of San Francisco housing)!
    [Editor’s Note: Agreed. And even better, it’s not a rendering (although it is a unique floor plan).]

  13. For someone who has lived in SF for over 30 years, any development in this Middle Market area is great! After seeing decades of decline and crime in this otherwise excellent location, folks are finally getting the right idea about Target stores, and more affordable urban living. I hope the city hall doesn’t waste another decade with endless wrangling and red tape.

  14. I work in a building that has a front entrance on Market between 5th and 6th, back entrance on Stevenson (the alley where the car lift mentioned above is located).
    I frequent the Deli in the Mint building (Cafe 36, yummy sandwiches there) and walk down the alley all the time to get there. It can be a little sketch sometimes, so I’m hopeful that once these developments open up, the situation will improve somewhat.
    Also, hate to burst the Tarjay bubble (I’d love to see it too) with unconfirmed info/rumors, but I recall someone else in my building remarking awhile back that the Target proposal was pretty much dead.

  15. “I hope the city hall doesn’t waste another decade with endless wrangling and red tape.”
    I know that this question was asked, either directly or indirectly, way back on another topic discussing the tortoise-like movement of certain development projects/proposals in this city, but does anyone know if city officials (including their staff) are aware of and frequent Socketsite? It seems like such a great informal forum for them to anonymously seek feedback about city governance from people who presumably reside in the city.
    Of course, I’m making one big assumption, namely that they actually care at all about resident feedback. Dare to dream.

  16. I love the windows. What a great juxtaposition with the very contemporary interiors, though wood floors might help to soften things up. The stained concrete is already looking like an early-2000s fad.

  17. “”I hope the city hall doesn’t waste another decade with endless wrangling and red tape.”
    The problem is when the good becomes the enemy of the perfect. Exhibit A: the Mission Armory! The activists hated the idea of condos, offices, or a server farm–so they get a porn studio instead! I only hope the redevelopment of mid-Market doesn’t meet the same sorry fate.

  18. When so many “loft” projects are really nothing more than condos with exposed air ducts, it is nice to see real genuine loft space. I think the images are very seductive and I hope the finished product is as nice as what is on the website. As for mid-Market, imagine if one day you can go from one end of Market Street to the other without feeling ashamed or checking to make sure if your doors are locked. That would be nice! Why could it not be the Ramblas or Champs Elysees of the West?

  19. These look really nice and it’s in an area that is already in the middle of “up and coming.” I never thought I’d want to live downtown, but this is one I’d make an exception for. Walk to work, lots of shops and restaurants, an excellent supermarket (Bristol Farms) right across the street…I like it!

  20. I completely love these places with all that exposed concrete and ductwork! I can’t tell you how sick I am of those cookie-cutter boxes they’re passing of as “lofts.”
    As to whether it’s cold and uninviting – I find that these environments do look a little cold if you fill them full of minimalist modernism, but with the right mix of antiques and modern furniture and some persian rugs on the floor, they really fantastic.

  21. Well since Matt has had “ENOUGH” of the Ramblas, perhaps Michigan Avenue would have been a better suggestion? Market was a premier urban blvd. just before the earthquake. Check out the online film taken on a drive from one end of Market to the other, and tell me it did not have more energy then. It really was a showcase for the city and was “the address” for shops and business at that time.

  22. A big “yes!” to the project and the aesthetics generally, but one question: I’m seeing a lot of windowless “bedrooms” here. Does that make many of these nominally 2 bdrm units OK for singles or bedmates, but not for other households? Or is this just me?

  23. “A big “yes!” to the project and the aesthetics generally, but one question: I’m seeing a lot of windowless “bedrooms” here.”
    Agreed with Former Lurker – nice aesthetics on these places and might be worth waiting out the neighborhood improvement for all the transit and other good stuff nearby, depending on pricing of course.
    On windowless bedrooms, if these places have 11′ ceilings, there’s room for clerestory windows that would bring plenty of light into bedrooms and other windowless spaces, even though you wouldn’t get views. Can’t tell from the site / floorplans tho.

  24. This is a great project… but they don’t plan on selling the units YET, they plan on leasing first, then selling in 5-6 years!?? crazy

  25. Hopefully not a Tarjay. Not a useful store……I know I’ll get whipped over the head for this one but I would die to have a Super Wal-Mart in this part of the city. The produce would make most hippies envious and the prices for household staples are so much less than Target……….

  26. I have to agree…if we can have Macy’s, Bloomingdales & Saks, why not a Target in the city? No to Wal-Mart though…you have to draw the line somewhere!

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