329 Bay Street Floor Plans
The Bay (329 Bay between Powell and Mason) is a collection of 21 “Custom Condominiums” with “one-bedrooms starting at $579,000, two-bedrooms starting at $789,000, and three bedrooms starting at $1,200,000.”
Construction looks nearly complete, and floor plans are available online. Other than that, we’re still looking for the inside scoop. (And yes, they’re already been added to our Complete Inventory Index (Cii).)
UPDATE (2/1): The “current projection is to have all units ready for showings and sales in mid to late March.”
The Bay (329 Bay) [329bay.com]
SocketSite’s Complete Inventory Index (Cii) [SocketSite]

8 thoughts on “The Bay Condominiums (329 Bay)”
  1. You have to keep a stiff upper lip when your map link places you right next to bold type announcing a public housing project.

  2. I have not been to that neighborhood in a while but doesn’t that Housing Project already exist? Does this overlook that project? Stiff upper lip indeed!

  3. It’s unfair to snub the ‘public housing project’ that is in this neighborhood- people of varying economic means need to live somewhere and this building is a huge improvement from the deplorable public housing that used to exist on the site. The building consists of a mix of public housing units and mixed income family and senior units. North Beach Place is new construction and is fairly attractive and well-designed with ground floor retail that includes a Trader Joe’s.

  4. There used to be a housing project that was QUITE seedy, but it was replaced with North Beach Place, as referenced above.

  5. I know it looks much better, but is it any *safer*? The Hayes Valley projects underwent a similar rebuild and continue to be plagued with crime. How have the North Beach projects fared?

  6. Mu understanding is that when the new housing re-opened, some petty crime did pick up in the area. I live fairly close by and do not feel unsafe by any means. I also tend to see a security guard on a regular basis walking the site to ensure that any potential trouble-makers are kept in line. There are a lot of families and others living there that have no bad intentions, they are just economically disadvantaged.

  7. Anonymous II,
    My intention in posting was not to elicit comments such as yours. No, I was suffering with the marketing people for this project. If you go to the “neighborhood” section on the linked website, you find a map with their project icon overlapping with PUBLIC HOUSING. How many drive bys will that turn off?

  8. Redseca2 — you’re not alone in noticing that. I recently helped a client buy in North Beach, and that stupid Public Housing thing on the map gave the impression that it was a bad neighborhood. Actually it’s a lovely neighborhood — a little cheaper than South Beach, but with a true San Francisco neighborhood feel. How on earth the map people thought a public housing complex would be a good landmark — I don’t know.

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