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New Developments: 1725 Washington Street

New Developments: 1725 Washington Street

14 of the 16 brand new condominiums at 1725 Washington Street hit the market this week with an open house this Sunday (2/5) from 1-4 PM. We can’t make this one, but would love for some kind soul to take a camera (we need a better picture), grab a... Read More »

San Francisco Perspective: Condominium Developments

Numerous new San Francisco condominium developments have recently, or will soon, come on the market. The nine developments below represent approximately 1,300 new condo units and are but a few of the new developments in the works within the city limits. For perspective, there are currently 427 San Francisco... Read More »

Funny How That Happens

Funny How That Happens

After nine months, the “sale pending” signs that have been so prominently displayed in the windows of two units in the 21 unit development at 525 Gough have suddenly morphed into “for sale” signs. Not too soon considering, as far as we can tell, they were never actually “pending”.... Read More »

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

“Home Depot received official approval to build a store on Bayshore Boulevard, after a narrow vote by the Board of Supervisors ended years of frustrated attempts by the big-box retailer.” That being said, Supervisor Ammiano vowed “It’s not over yet.” Come on Tom, at least employ a good catch... Read More »

Forget $340M Powerball, Just Give Us A Damn Condo!

Forget $340M Powerball, Just Give Us A Damn Condo!

4,300 applicants, 400 drawn names, and only 20 lucky “winners”. Residents in other cities dream of winning multi-million dollar lotteries, while here in San Francisco we dream about winning the right to purchase a 600 square foot condo in the Beacon for a measly $172k. The fine print: “applicants... Read More »

Potential Home (Depot) Wreckers

The Board of Supervisors is considering an appeal of the Planning Commissions approval for Home Depot’s Bayview project. Specifically, the supervisors were charged with looking at whether the project’s environmental impact report — accepted by the Planning Commission — was accurate, objective and complete. Paul Maltzer, the Planning Department’s... Read More »

Open Meeting: Mid-Market Redevelopment

The Redevelopment Agency Board will review the redevelopment plan for the mid-Market area this afternoon at 4 p.m. The meeting is in Room 416 of City Hall. Pro: 3,000 new housing units and an arts district; con: displaced low-income residents. ∙ Mid-Market Non-News ∙ Mid-Market Development “Breaking” News... Read More »

Pier Wars

Pier Wars

We’d like to believe that we’re such a force in San Francisco that we were singled out as recipients of a very nice voicemail asking us to take a look at the Stop Pier 39 website. But damn, that message sounded suspiciously like a script. Good thing we’re pushovers.... Read More »

Movies In The Marina

Closed since October 2001, the Cinema 21 on Chestnut Street will rise like a phoenix from the flames (and in an entirely new light). The model — hashed out by the property owner, the Marina Merchants Association and the Neighborhood Theater Foundation — uses ground-floor retail as an engine... Read More »

First Game Pulte (But Many Sets To Go)

Looks like Pulte has placed the San Francisco Tennis Club (Fifth and Townsend) under contract with their sights sight on bulldozing the courts and building anew (400 condo’s that is). We can hear rackets being smashed (and Bay Club snickers) all the way over here. Also mentioned in the... Read More »