170 off Third (www.SocketSite.com)
170 off Third (coming this summer)
1635 California Street, 30 units
San Francisco Perspective: Condominium Developments [SocketSite]

4 thoughts on “QuickLinks: New Condos On The Market (Or In The Works)”
  1. There’s another development accross the street from 1635 California that looks like it’s almost finished. Anyone happen to know anything about that one?

  2. When I was at 1635, they said they heard it was going to be rentals only. I not sure if that’s a marketing ploy (don’t tell the buyer competition across the street is almost complete)… but the realtor did say he was surprised when he heard that and I kinda believed him.

  3. No way it’s going to be rental only.
    There’s too much money in condos these days. Also, checked the City of SF site, and the planning commision approved it on the condition that it adhere to the “inclusionary housing” laws (BMR units).
    Unless that also applies to rental housing, which I don’t think it does, it’s going to be condos.
    Very cynical part of me thinks that Vanguard, which is selling 1635 California, 1725 Washington, and 939 Jackson (all three new devs. in the Nob Hill area) will also be selling these condos. Perhaps they’re nervous that they’re flooding the market…

  4. ^ Don’t you wish you can take that back… seems like most of these condos are becoming rentals, boy have things changed from a year ago….

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