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Five years ago the garment factory at 188 King Street sold for $3.6 million.

There used to be a thriving garment factory at this site. When the previous owner retired, he closed the factory and sold the property to real estate speculators, who swiftly demolished the warehouse that housed the factory to make way for a live-work development. In a letter to the Planning Commission, Alice Barkley (who did not return phone calls seeking comment), the lawyer representing the developers, argued that the demolition of the warehouse was justified on the grounds that it represented an “under-utilization of the site.” In late 2000 the Planning Commission approved the construction of an eight-story building containing 46 live-work units.

Today, “Open Floorplan [sic] Residences” are on the way.
A legacy of wreckage [sfbg]
188 King Street, 46 units?

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