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Kind Prime Laurel Heights

“San Francisco police have recovered more than 200 marijuana plants at homes in Laurel Heights and the Outer Richmond neighborhood, authorities said today….The first location was a flat on the 3300 block of California Street in the Laurel Heights neighborhood.” ∙ S.F. pot... Read More »

Lowe’s Leads The Way But What Lies Ahead For Bayshore Boulevard?

“Dissention over chain stores continues to simmer, but big-box retail now has arrived on Bayshore. And as construction workers pour towering concrete walls for a new Lowe’s home improvement store – which will occupy the square footage of two football fields – the conversation is starting to shift to... Read More »

Dark Days For San Francisco’s GreenFinanceSF (Solar) Program

“San Francisco’s new, $150 million program to help property owners finance solar and other energy-saving programs is all but dead, according to city officials, after a federal agency announced Tuesday that the program and others like it across the state are potentially risky and inadvisable for mortgage lenders.”... Read More »

A Hundered Billion Here, A Hundered Billion There, And Pretty Soon…

“The cost of fixing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the mortgage companies that last year bought or guaranteed three-quarters of all U.S. home loans, will be at least $160 billion and could grow to as much as $1 trillion after the biggest bailout in American history.” ∙ Fannie-Freddie Fix... Read More »

From “Pot Filler” Comments To Personal Design Quirks

“The strangest personal quirk re household arrangement I ever came across was a friend who insisted on putting two bathtubs plus a shower in his master bath. One was a large tub so he and his wife could take baths together. The other was a standard size tub which... Read More »

A Plugged-In Pot Filler Comment (And Theme) We Couldn’t Resist

“My wife and I did a large kitchen renovation in our last house which included a pot filler (a faucet over the range). The pot filler was a huge hit and conversation starter with everyone that visited the house. That said we probably used the pot filler three times... Read More »

Pay Shift It Forward

“The federal homebuyer tax credit shifted demand in the U.S. housing market without having a lasting impact on prices, according to Douglas Duncan, chief economist of Fannie Mae, the largest mortgage financier.” ∙ Fannie Mae’s Duncan Says Homebuyer Tax Credit Shifted Demand Read More »

Mandating Modification Decisions (And Drawing Out Foreclosures)

“A proposed California law, SB1275, seeks to… lenders to give a decision on loan modifications before starting foreclosure proceedings. A similar provision took effect Tuesday for banks complying with the federal Home Affordable Modification Plan, or HAMP, but the California law goes a step further by specifying that borrowers... Read More »

Small Can Be Beautiful But…Will “SmartSpace” Sell In San Francisco?

Small Can Be Beautiful But…Will “SmartSpace” Sell In San Francisco?

“Zeta Communities will construct the housing for the 22-unit developments, planned for parking lots in Berkeley and San Francisco. The projects will feature tiny living spaces – 310- to 340 square-foot studios – and no parking. Instead, they will include a car-sharing space.” “ San Francisco... Read More »

555 Washington EIR Appeal: An Expected Response (From Both Sides)

“Opponents of the project argued during the March hearing that the Planning Department’s environmental analysis of the project, which is required under California law, was biased in favor of the project and failed on some key environmental issues, such as bird crashes into the building. On Monday,... Read More »