“Opponents of the [555 Washington] project argued during the March hearing that the Planning Department’s environmental analysis of the project, which is required under California law, was biased in favor of the project and failed on some key environmental issues, such as bird crashes into the building.
On Monday, opponents filed an appeal against certification of the environmental report. The Board of Supervisors will rule on the appeal.
Developer AEGON USA Realty Advisors told Board of Supervisors President David Chiu in a letter Tuesday that the project will become too costly if the board upholds the appeal and rules that major changes are required for the environmental impact report.”
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Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by flaneur

    Even Planning Commission Miguel, who voted for its cerfification, lamented the low quality of the report.

  2. Posted by Joe

    Is this really any different from any large scale project that is proposed in SF?
    The people who are against the project pull every stop out to make sure the project is not approved.
    One of the commissioners faulted the report for not appropriately mitigating the potential for birds to fly into the building!
    I mean, f*ck now a developer has to figure out a way to change the thought patterns of animals before a project can be approved.
    Sue Hestor is the appealing lawyer – how much money has this harpy made over the years on personally ensuring the continued existence of SF’s housing crisis

  3. Posted by lolcat_94123

    I’m totally anti-NIMBY, but birds flying into building is a pretty legit concern. Things like light pollution and these large glass buildings can quickly wipe out entire populations of birds.

  4. Posted by Joe

    I didnt mean to imply its not an issue.
    The developer had already posted several mitigation measure s for the building in terms of bird impacts – but the commissioner felt it should go further to regulating whether or not plants should be allowed within a certain number of feet from exterior openings. I found that a bit ridiculous and reaching.

  5. Posted by Dede

    Just as long as the birds aren’t permitted to sit and lie on the sidewalk….oh wait, wrong stupid issue.

  6. Posted by anon

    Birds crashing into the building? Seriously? No wonder this city never gets anything done. This is on the level of the “historic bookshelves” in the library that can’t be torn down.

  7. Posted by yoout

    What kind of people are these opponents? If it were up to them (eg, lolcat_94123), nothing would ever get built. I’m with most of the posters here. It’s a stupid issue that is far reaching.

  8. Posted by Mole Man

    These are valid concerns, but the opportunity to work them into the environmental impact report has come and gone. This kind of grasping at straws is essentially admitting defeat.

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