“San Francisco police have recovered more than 200 marijuana plants [and 175 pounds of dried marijuana] at homes in Laurel Heights and the Outer Richmond neighborhood, authorities said today….The first location was a flat on the 3300 block of California Street in the Laurel Heights neighborhood.”
S.F. pot bust results in 222 plants [SFGate]

8 thoughts on “Kind Prime Laurel Heights”
  1. That’s one way to still make money in real estate during this market. Of course it requires you don’t get caught.

  2. I have read about this happening in foreclosed houses. The people running the show never set foot on the property. They just send undocumented workers to do all the work.

  3. SF is a pretty favorable place to grow and sell drugs
    Less severe (if any) sentences compared to San Mateo County

  4. The cops are getting their tax-collection in before November. Look for a lot more of this in the coming months.

  5. As an architect I have experienced the opposite.
    In the mid ’80’s I was called in to convert a pot farm to a rental unit in the basement space underneath a hillside home in the outer Mission. I didn’t know what it was beforehand and suddenly found myself amongst what seemed like hundreds of pot plants – trying to keep a straight face.

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