“Dissention over chain stores continues to simmer, but big-box retail now has arrived on Bayshore. And as construction workers pour towering concrete walls for a new Lowe’s home improvement store – which will occupy the square footage of two football fields – the conversation is starting to shift to the question of what lies ahead.”
“To control development while planning for Bayshore’s future, the city has imposed temporary zoning controls, which prohibit another chain store of more than 25,000 square feet without special authorization. Officials also have organized community meetings to try to gauge how residents want public funds to shape the commercial corridor’s future.”
Lowe’s store on Bayshore triggers hope, concern [SFGate]
Lowe’s Has Finalized A Lease And Broken Ground On Bayshore [SocketSite]
A Bayshore Boulevard Corridor Conundrum As Lowe’s Leads The Way [SocketSite]

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  1. Posted by yeediddy

    Another huge step to the gentrification of the area. I’m actually looking forward to the additional traffic in the area, if it means attract more commerce.

  2. Posted by Dan

    The new Lowe’s will be 107,000 square feet, the same size as the Goodman’s it replaces. Smooke makes it out to be so huge “you could see it from space,” but I can see my house from space on Google Maps satellite view.
    By comparison, CityPlace on Market Street will be 376,000 SF (264,000 SF devoted to retail).

  3. Posted by R

    Home Depot figures SF residents spend $40,000,000 at their store in Colma. If half of that business goes to Lowe’s, that’s almost $2,000,000 in the city coffers from sales tax alone. Tell me how this is bad for the city again?

  4. Posted by Rob

    Its a very good question, “What comes next?” While Lowes will likely be the dominant business on Bayshore (sq. footage wise)there are a number of large warehouse type buidlings along that stretch which are vacant. That stretch along Bayshore could also certainly use some greening and it certainly has the median space for it. Along with the fast food chains it might do well with a small plaza along the lines of potrero plaza (16th & potrero), with a number of small businesses as well. It isnt an area that directly serves Bernal, Potrero, or Silver Terrace with any vital services, but it could certainly become an area allbeit very suburban that could be a destination for leisure shopping.

  5. Posted by EH

    Finally, San Francisco has the opportunity to build its own San Leandro.

  6. Posted by JustLooking

    Most of the sales tax we pay in San Francisco goes to the state. I believe only 1.25% (of the 9.50% SF Sales tax) actually stays in San Francisco and that goes to specific purposes (mostly transit related). As a result, the “net” benefit on a $20 million sales increase in San Francisco is around $250,000. Not bad, but not $2 million.

  7. Posted by snark17

    This Lowe’s will be great for the neighborhood– Trader Joe’s next and some trees, please.

  8. Posted by lolcat_94123

    eww.. not big-box chains!
    i much prefer guns and blight.

  9. Posted by lol

    Trader Joe’s? Are you kidding?
    TJ’s appears to select its location with lack of sufficient parking in mind – I mean really massive insufficient parking. Look at Mason and Bay, Masonic and Geary, SOMA. These are a freaking nightmare. Even the one on J. Daly Bld gets jammed pretty often. This is something I have also seen in the Southland. A Bayshore location would provide ample parking space. Parking is not in their business model.

  10. Posted by lolcat_94123

    The one in the SOMA has a full parking garage.

  11. Posted by J

    Hah yeah! It’s ironic, almost every Trader Joe’s I’ve been to has less parking than the one in SOMA.

  12. Posted by lol

    The one in SOMA is a mess to get into and gets saturated on WEs when the other stores are at full speed. It also requires patience when you are in an interlocking nightmare I have seen so frequently.

  13. Posted by Snark17

    You have to be a masochist to shop TJ’s mid-afternoon on the weekends. Go before 10 am and it’s a breeze.

  14. Posted by noearch

    The Lowes on Bayshore is going to be great for the area. It’s already teeming with home remodeling and supply businesses. It fits well with the demographics there.
    As for Trader Joes parking, well it really depends on when you choose to go. We shop at TJ’s mid week in the evening at the SOMA location. parking is easy and convenient.

  15. Posted by EH

    Yeah, anybody who shops at TJs during baby time deserves what they get.

  16. Posted by lol

    TJ’s in Daly is packed all week. Last time I got in there was a Wednesday at 3PM, and I has to go park in the boonies.
    Nowadays I just WALK or CYCLE to North Beach TJ’s either mornings or early afternoons. Never evenings or WEs. And never by car except once a month for the heavy lifting.

  17. Posted by Invented

    “TJ’s appears to select its location with lack of sufficient parking in mind – I mean really massive insufficient parking. Look at Mason and Bay, Masonic and Geary, SOMA. These are a freaking nightmare. Even the one on J. Daly Bld gets jammed pretty often. This is something I have also seen in the Southland. A Bayshore location would provide ample parking space. Parking is not in their business model.”
    As if TJ’s Masonic is not a dangerous, ‘hood clogging experience — don’t overlook a veritable traffic disaster in the making – TJ @ Noe & Market (bicycle delivery service etc. whatever notwithstanding).
    Note to the world: Convert current Masonic TJs to residential or better yet mixed use, and move TJs to the forthcoming Target Greatland Festival Place across the street with its ample parking (seemingly acres of it when considering all levels).

  18. Posted by Rillion

    Wednesday & Thursday evenings are the time to hit TJ’s on Masonic. Usually you can pull right into the lot or wait for 1-2 cars at most. Worst times are weekend afternoons & Monday evenings.

  19. Posted by Wai Yip Tung

    I shop at Lowes once in a while so I’ve nothing against it. But can anyone explain why do they open the brand new South San Francisco store? Now within 10 miles along 101, we are going to have 3 Lowes, San Bruno, South San Francisco and next Bayshore. Do we really need 3 stores in the area?

  20. Posted by Conifer

    If we don’t need them, one or more will not have enough business, and will close. This is called supply and demand. The Lowes corporation is willing to take the risk. It is their money and they will not be bailed out.

  21. Posted by Invented

    Three Lowes will work swimmingly because Colma Home Depot shoppers will go there. Not only bc of proximity, but because of impeccable, knowledgeable service. Lowe’s gets it, HD still thinks you can hire like um — Target, where employees generally have trouble pointing you in the right direction. That is, if you can even find someone to ask. Lowes eliminates the exhaustion factor of the HD experience.

  22. Posted by bernalhts

    TJ’s on John Daly Blvd is a dream if you get there in the morning on weekends. We go right when it opens. That’s probably true of the SOMA one as well, but the John Daly Blvd. one is also nice and large INSIDE, which makes shopping a breeze.

  23. Posted by Poor in Pac Heights

    I don’t see why they can’t make the area a big box shopping destination – like Emeryville to the east of the railroad tracks. It’s not like people are flocking the area to live, but I’m guessing they would go there to shop vs. driving further down the peninsula. The are could have a grocery store(s) another COSTCO (please!), Best buy, target etc. There’s already a BevMo up the street. The development could be done to have a more urban fit and appeal and make use of existing structures… I know there’s always an interest to protect the Mom and Pop places, but it’s kind of a fact of American life these days, everybody shops at formula retail.

  24. Posted by TommyWillB

    RE: 3 stores in the area?
    There are two Home Depot’s in Colma 0.2 miles apart and another one in Daily City just a few miles away. So that’s 3 Home Depot’s in a much smaller distance than the 3 Lowe’s:

  25. Posted by anona

    ^I think that you’re maybe thinking of Target. There are not two Home Depots in Colma.

  26. Posted by R

    Home Depot and Home Depot Pro are across the street from each other in Colma. That’d be two.

  27. Posted by anon

    Home Depot Pro is not a Home Depot in the sense that we’re discussing here. That’s like saying that there are two Walmarts across the street from one another when one is a Walmart and the other is a Sam’s Club – very different market segments.

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