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Just Quotes: Service With A Smile

“The thing that really upsets me is that the listing agent smiles to your face and puts a knife in your back.” ∙ Consumers Get Caught in War Between Real-Estate Brokers Read More »

Quote Of The Day: One Rincon Hill Style

“It seemed like the people were staged better than the furniture. Then again, I might have had one too many ‘Gincons’.” (One reader’s first impression of the One Rincon Hill Sales Center and its clientele) Read More »

Just Quotes: Staging Is So Like 2005

“Dallas-based Centex built four model homes , filled them with furniture, then took things one bizarre step further. The company hired four actors to play the role of a family . . .” “Model complexes tend to be a bit stagnant and dry for people,” comments... Read More »

Just Quotes: A Happy Garden

Just Quotes: A Happy Garden

“The extra long lot has been cultivated and nursed by a Tibetan monk.” ∙ Listing: 331 Collingwood (3/2) – $1,195,000 Read More »

Just Quotes (Emphasis Added)

“Real estate players widely acknowledge that the Bay Area condominium market is cooling. Condo marketer Paul Zeger, president of Pacific Marketing Associates, said he now sells 15 to 20 condominiums per month on a typical project, compared with 25 to 30 per month at this time last year.” “GreenCity... Read More »