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December Prices and Sales Fall In San Francisco

The California Association of REALTORS® (C.A.R.) reports that both prices and sales of single family homes fell this past December in the San Francisco Bay Area. According to C.A.R., the median sales price fell 1.4% while sales volume fell 9.8% from the month prior (down 14.2% from December 2004).... Read More »

Sales Of New Homes Tumble

US new home sales fell 11% in November, the biggest drop since 1995, and at 1.25m homes sold, the lowest pace since January. It is important to note that new home sales are considered to be even more of a leading indicator of market health than existing home sales... Read More »

Funny How That Happens

Funny How That Happens

After nine months, the “sale pending” signs that have been so prominently displayed in the windows of two units in the 21 unit development at 525 Gough have suddenly morphed into “for sale” signs. Not too soon considering, as far as we can tell, they were never actually “pending”.... Read More »

The “Rogue” Sales Report

According to the Commerce Department, US new homes (as opposed to existing homes) sold at an annual rate of 1.42 million in October, up from a revised 1.26 million pace in September; a 13 percent increase and the biggest jump since April 1993 (and sales in the West showed... Read More »

California Median Home Prices And Sales Fall

Today’s California Association of Realtors press release carries the bold headline: “Median price of a home in California at $538,770 in October, up 17.2 percent from year ago; sales decrease 2.8 percent”. And while prices are indeed up from a year ago, they are DOWN from the previous month... Read More »

US Existing Homes Sales Down, Inventory Up

We’re not too surprised by a winter sales slowdown, but the nationwide inventory numbers caught us by surprise. According to Reuters: Sales of existing U.S. homes slowed in October and the inventory of unsold houses rose to the highest level in nearly 20 years, a trade group said on... Read More »

Top O’ The Market To You!

Inventories and interest rates are up, sales are down, and prices are either flat or falling. So we’re calling it: welcome to the top of the San Francisco housing market! For sale signs are popping up left and right, and as one seasoned agent recently commented, “we’re going to... Read More »

Median San Francisco Bay Area Home Prices Down $20k

According to the California Association of Realtors, the Median sales price of a San Francisco Bay Area home fell 2.8% last month (from $730k in August, to $710k in September). In addition, sales volume was down nearly 10% from the previous month and down over 8% year-over-year (yes, accounting... Read More »

Potential Home (Depot) Wreckers

The Board of Supervisors is considering an appeal of the Planning Commissions approval for Home Depot’s Bayview project. Specifically, the supervisors were charged with looking at whether the project’s environmental impact report — accepted by the Planning Commission — was accurate, objective and complete. Paul Maltzer, the Planning Department’s... Read More »

San Francisco Loses 85,000 Jobs

Well, so much for justifying the San Francisco real estate run-up over the past five years on a booming local job market. According to the Examiner, “San Francisco has lost 85,000 jobs since 2000 when the flood of high-paying technology jobs began drying up.” That’s 10% of the entire... Read More »