While it hasn’t been announced, TMG’s proposal for the redevelopment of San Francisco’s Pier 38 has beaten out the competing proposal from San Francisco Waterfront Partners according to a plugged-in tipster.

TMG’s proposal emphasized the speed of redevelopment with a plan for the “immediate revitalization of the Pier 38 Bulkhead with a mix of public, office, and maritime uses.” The Waterfront Partners’ proposal included a tech co-working facility on the second floor of the building at the front of the pier and a beer garden facing the new Brannan Street Wharf.

The Pier 38 buildings have been red tagged as unsafe for occupancy since 2011 when serving as office space for a number of startups and a couple of venture capital firms. The Port’s pick of a plan to quickly re-tenant the front part of the pier shouldn’t catch any plugged-in people by surprise.

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  1. Posted by Observer

    Let’s get this done!

  2. Posted by SocketSite

    UPDATE: New plans for Pier 38, the redevelopment of which has yet to progress, could bring self-driving truck tech to San Francisco’s Central Waterfront.

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