As we first reported last week, the Emerald Fund is quietly working on plans to raze the 108-foot building at 150 Van Ness Avenue and build a half-block building rising 12 stories on the site, and we now have the renderings for the development that’s being proposed.


Once again, the building would rise up to 120 feet high and house 429 apartments averaging 734 square feet apiece, running the length of Hayes Street from Van Ness to Polk Street:


And as proposed, 9,000 square feet of retail would be constructed on the ground floor of the building with parking for 215 cars and 207 bikes in a level below.


19 thoughts on “Designs For Developing Half A City Block Along Hayes”
  1. Pleasantly forgettable.
    Like an Embassy Suites Hotel on a side street in DC or Frankfurt.
    A reminder that not everything has to call attention to itself.

  2. I like it; certainly a lot better than what’s there now, and it will provide a nice link between the glass of the retrofitted tower next door (and other new glass towers on Market) and the stone of the Civic Center complex.

  3. Forgettable is right. Reminds me of something on K or Eye Streets in DC.
    However, as stated, not all buildings have to be memorable. Just look at the swath of homes comprising the Sunset, or even rows of Edwardians. Regardless of its lasting visual impression the building is far better than the planned boredom proposed for Fell/Oak in HV.

  4. I think it would be reasonable to have a bolder look than that, given the location. As for the old building, I’m not too broken up about it going away, I just wish I could get a look at the lobby before it does.

  5. Why not just restore and adaptive-reuse the current building? While it breaks down the massing on Van Ness a bit, aesthetically it’s worse!

  6. EH – Whatever – It’s OK
    Anyway to save that gorgeous lobby….?
    WHat a waste if it’s not ……
    Hey Board – save the lobby and approve the uninspiring building – at least people will go and look at the lobby – I can see a cafe in there serving before symphony and other events – Lovely

  7. Not the most amazing design, but it fits the context and activates an otherwise dead block without overwhelming it.
    Credit to Emerald Fund for adding over 800 units to a woefully underutilized block.

  8. The building that sits there now looks like it had an outer-skin put on in probably the 60’s? Underneath i bet it is amazing, and could be unskinned and restored, and serve as the anchor of the development added (possibly up and or) behind it.

  9. I find it odd for the Civic Center, which has some very beautiful Beaux Art buildings in grey stone. I would not have any comment if it were build elsewhere.
    As to height keep in mind that there are restrictions around the Civic Center to keep shadows out of the park.

  10. I know we do not need landmark buildings on every site, but isn’t this important enough to get a little better architecture than the (I love it) “Embassy Suites on K Street”. I mean, this is so utterly banal.
    But yes…well needed and well located.

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