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The $65,000,000 House

The $65,000,000 House

Well, 2845 Broadway has quietly replaced 300 Sea Cliff Ave as the most expensive house for sale in San Francisco (and it’s not because 300 Sea Cliff has sold). Boasting a “Once in a generation opportunity to acquire an extraordinary Gold Coast masterpiece in the making, the house also... Read More »

San Francisco Sales/Prices Trend Down

On a year-over-year basis, home prices are up 6.1% in the Bay Area (8.1% in San Francisco County) according to the California Association of Realtors. Yes, single-digit year-over-year appreciation for San Francisco County. Historically irrelevant, but it’s quite a change from the past couple of years of “guaranteed” double-digit... Read More »

San Francisco Population 400,000?

Results of the Bay Area Council’s annual poll have been released. Although 35 percent of respondents ranked transportation as their highest concern, 19 percent said housing was the biggest problem. Forty percent said they have considered moving out of the region, and 70 percent of those cited high housing... Read More »

Ellis Act Relocation Assistance Upheld

A challenge of San Francisco’s relocation assistance law for Ellis Act evictions has failed. From the Chronicle: A state appeals court on Tuesday upheld a San Francisco law requiring landlords who plan to get out of the rental business to pay relocation assistance to the tenants they evict. The... Read More »

SocketSite Update: You Asked For It

You probably spent this beautiful day outside (as you should have). We spent it inside updating software, tweaking the site (hopefully we didn’t screw things up too badly), and yes, finally adding the ability for our readers to directly share their comments on all future (and some past) posts.... Read More »

Did Somebody Just Get Zillowed?

Did Somebody Just Get Zillowed?

According to, the house at 2257 Green Street last sold on 5/15/2000 for $3,000,000 and should now be worth (approximately) $3,770,914 (give or take half a million). What’s interesting is that 2257 Green failed to sell when it was listed at $3,495,000, and was recently reduced to $2,595,000... Read More »

From Flip To Flames?

From Flip To Flames?

Three weeks ago 2626 Sutter was just another “renovated” property with fresh paint, sloping floors, and a price tag destined to land it in the RealRecentReductions archive. Today it’s a burned out shell. Our first thought? We hope nobody got hurt. Our second thought? Well, let’s just say it... Read More »

The New Yorkers Are Coming! The New Yorkers Are Coming!

It’s official: apartment therapy aims to launch it’s San Francisco edition on April 3, and Curbed’s SF edition is in the “incubator”. Perhaps we shouldn’t have gone and pointed out that what Curbed deemed to be “quite possibly the coolest feature ever to be included on a real estate... Read More »