Purchased for $3.7 million in early 2018, the very first ‘Top Chef’ home at 3159 Baker Street in San Francisco has since been updated a bit, including a refresh of its kitchen, and the “grand Marina home” returned to the market priced at $4.375 this past January, positioned as an “opportunity to own in one of the most prestigious areas” in San Francisco.

Reduced to $3.995 million last month, the list price for 3159 Baker Street has just been further reduced to $3.499 million, a sale at which would be “at asking” but 5.4 percent below the value the home fetched in early 2018, despite the fact that the frequently misreported Case-Shiller index for “San Francisco” home values “still up 25 percent!” over the same period of time (having dropped 17 percent over the past nine months and trending down).

Once again, if you think you know the market for grand Marina homes or the market in general, here’s another chance to tell.

12 thoughts on “Updated Top Chef Home Reduced, Now Listed at a Loss”
    1. I understood that reference.

      The issue here is location. It’s right up against Richardson Ave, so you’ve got the constant hum of traffic outside your window and you’ll experience it in what little outdoor space this home has.

    2. Richardson to the left of me / Baker to the right / here I am. An old friend of mine was on the Top Chef set in that house. “Noisy, ” she termed it.

  1. If that was my price range, I would want to spend some time there to determine for myself if the road noise is really a deal killer. I would guess it is noisy sometimes but not all the time.
    It’s a beautiful home in a great spot. Tons of space. Love the garage and the roofdeck! In a better market, this one would have been snapped-up quickly.

    1. Traffic noise is a real tricky issue. Whatever discount you yourself apply you have to imagine future buyers applying the same or more, and factor that in. I walked away from an otherwise nice place on Franklin near Lombard a couple years ago for this reason. I’m glad I’m on a quieter street.

  2. I walk by the house everyday and cannot imagine living there. Life is too short to wish everyday that your beautiful home was located somewhere else!

  3. Hmmm… there’s that traffic light right there, and a bus stop (serviced by about a million routes), so you’ve got the sounds of vehicles braking and then accelerating all day long. At night, figure on people getting up to quasi-highway speeds to try to make those last few lights before reaching the Bridge approach.

  4. UPDATE: While the asking price hasn’t changed, 3159 Baker has just been listed anew with an official “1” day on the market and “original” list price of $3.499 million according to all industry stats and aggregate reports.

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