3159 Baker Street: San Francisco's Top Chef House

From the Craigslist post asking $12,500 per month:


Near Baker and Francisco but with no specific address given. Readers?

UPDATE: And in just under 21 minutes, we have a winner (and corroboration): 3159 Baker.

21 thoughts on “Are There Any Plugged-In Top Chef Aficionados In The House?”
  1. Brian Wilson and Barry Zito of the Giants rent a house a few doors down from this inersection at Richardson and Baker, so I don’t think that’s it….no photos?

  2. You’d think for $12,500 a month they could afford a working Caps Lock key.
    I’ll hazard a guess at what Google Maps calls 3127 Baker, since it’s the only one that looks like it qualifies as a “mansion” and has a roof deck.

  3. 3159 Baker.
    I worked with one of the guys that lived there, it was basically a frat house, they used to throw some great parties. DJs, catered food, bartenders,etc. And they had a table top Ms. Pac Man machine, which was great bc you could put your drink on it. I wouldn’t call it a mansion, but it was a pretty big house. All the guys basically decided they were too old to live in a house together and decided to move on.
    I say being respectable is overrated. A little part of me died when they decided to leave the place. It can be hard to find a good house party.

  4. 3172 is the streetview address for the house in the pic on the other listing… definitely not the most accurate method.

  5. It’s definitely 3159 Baker. The phone number matches the number for the owner of that house and the one next door (3157) but I’ve seen the kitchen in 3157 and it would be totally unacceptable to any chef, let alone a ‘Top’ one.

  6. Season 1 of top chef? Boy, that’s a tenuous selling point, considering they did all their shopping at the Berkeley Bowl that season 😉

  7. Diggity, being a bit sentimental – death? – hope you are wearing your North Face vest? Nice place though, are they selling, aside from renting?

  8. re: crispy
    Crispy is on point with his comment. I knew all the guys in the house and had a lot of fun there. The kitchen is very nice and big. There is a back patio and roof deck plus a two car garage. The pool table and miss pacman are now gone. I remember they were able to negotiate cheaper rent for the last few months they were there. I would say this place ends up going for closer to 10.5 than 12.5.

  9. Why is the CraigsList Ad SCREAMING (all caps) ?
    Does the Realtor who posted it think that people who can afford to drop 12.5K on a rental place are lacking in attention span ? That, and why would such a person be looking in a creepy slimy place like CL anyways ?

  10. “Why is the CraigsList Ad SCREAMING (all caps) ?”
    In these tough times, folks are keeping their computers longer to save money (even those with a broken caps lock). And CL loads very fast, so you can save even more money using dialup (or an iphone) 🙂

  11. I dated a guy that lived there, it is 3159 Baker Street. The house is pretty, the kitchen is nice, but not worth 12.5. Three of the bedrooms are a nice size, the other two are pretty small, but nice patio and roofdeck. Once my bf moved out they did get the rent lowered. The parties were a little boring by the time I started hanging out over there, maybe they were better a few years before? They were pretty much marina dbags who didn’t want to grow up…My condolences to the guy had a part of him die when they moved out.

  12. You think this would grow old after a while… an all CAPS Craiglist ad is usually a sign of financial troubles. Looks like there is a NOD on the property (RealtyTrac&Yahoo sites ~$2.3million); it would be nice to have some independent confirmation as it’s not showing up on the SF Recorder’s website.

  13. Has anyone else walked though the house?
    I thought it was awful. The finishes reminded me of a tract home and the noise was unbearable.You would have to re-finish almost every surface. The views of the GG were great and from the roof deck you could see everything. The in law had a very odd odor.
    I hope it sells for $3.895, for my own properties value, but I would agree with eddy. No chance in hell!

  14. After two months on the market and two “major price reduction[s]” (from $3,895,000 down to $3,250,000), the listing for 3159 Baker (a.k.a. San Francisco’s Top Chef House) has been withdrawn from the market.

  15. I’m pretty sure I went to a party here. Certainly don’t recall it being more than a “nice house.” More of a frat house than a mansion.
    Someone was grilling up some decent food in the yard.
    who gives a crap if it was top chef or not?

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