While originally envisioned as a four-story development that would rise up to 45 feet in height on the northwest corner of 26th and Shotwell and yield 22 apartments over 6,600 square feet of ground floor commercial space on the B&W Automotive Service Center site, a density bonus for the development was subsequently requested.

As redesigned by Kerman Morris Architects and newly rendered below, the six-story development is now slated to rise up to 65 feet in height on the Mission District site and yield 42 residential units, a mix of 12 studios, 13 one-bedrooms and 17 twos, with a 600-square-foot space for a café on the corner and a storage room for 44 bike but otherwise no garage.

And as the site is covered by the City’s Eastern Neighborhoods Plan, the bonus plans will be entitled upon the issuance of a building permit for the project, an application for which was proactively filed and is in the works.

6 thoughts on “Bonus Plans for Mission District Development Closer to Reality”
  1. Nice! I really like the unit size mix. I dig on the orangey/colorful embellished bay windows. Plant lots of trees and make it a really welcoming & inviting addition to the ‘hood.

  2. This is the kind of medium density development the city needs (which have positively transformed cities like Portland Oregon), appropriately sized, sensitively designed, and sited at neighborhood nodes.

  3. I like the building and the extra housing and i like commercial space on the bottom. I will still need a place to get my car fixed so let’s not forget that type of business.

    I don’t like the lack of parking. Mission already has way too many cars for the legal parking spots it has.

    1. In case you haven’t been keeping up on the news since the last time we talked about it around here, The Mayor’s Cars to Casas ordinance was approved by San Francisco Board of Supervisors earlier this month, so the days of many auto service businesses such as the B&W Automotive Service are numbered, and the prospects for external parking lots are even more unlikely.

      I completely agree with you regarding the current state of the accommodations for autos in the Mission, however on this I have to chalk this one up as a win for the urbanists and the YIMBYs, however unrealistic it is in the short-to-medum term.

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