Hidden behind a relatively modest but sleek façade on “a coveted block of prestigious Laidley Street,” which offers panoramic downtown views, the now four-bedroom home at 131 Laidley was redeveloped in 2014 and then sold for $3.0 million in August of 2017.

Measuring a little over 3,000 square feet, 131 Laidley was redesigned with a requisite open floor plan, “built for entertaining” and to showcase the aforementioned view, with a steel-framed floor-to-ceiling “view threshold” and deck.

Stepping down the hillside, the home’s lower levels offer views as well, along with access to a large back yard, sunken media room and a “collector-scale” room for wine.

And having hit the market listed for $4.295 million this past April, 131 Laidley was relisted for $3.95 million last month, a sale at which would represent total appreciation of 32 percent since the third quarter of 2017 for the above-average home while the frequently misreported index for “San Francisco” house values is up 54 percent over the same period of time but dropping.

If you think you know the market for prestigious view homes in San Francisco, now’s the time to tell.

11 thoughts on “Where Does Laidley Lay?”
  1. Million dollar views! But how much for the rest of the house?

    A garage sacrificed for a “family room” in a house whose floorplan isn’t really that family-friendly (one real extra bedroom on different floor, the other two are an office and a pass-through to the only exit to the backyard that has a Murphy bed). Otherwise, quite nice. But when you have a house that specific, requiring a buyer who has a household of a certain size and likely age, who doesn’t need a garage, etc, combined with shrinking overall buyer pool…

    My guess is 3.6 mil (3000 sq ft at 1000/sq ft for high end build + 1 mil for view – 300K for lack of parking – 100K for limiting floorplan). For 100K, you can move doors and tear out offices, etc.

    1. Safe back of the napkin math, my thoughts as well. If you go no-car at minimum you want e-bike(s) for getting around, especially this part of town. An out of the way spot to securely store/charge those can’t be found either. And no, you don’t want to hoist an e-rig up the stairs all the time

    2. Just realized the garage was sacrificed for the laundry room, not the family room. And it has a door leading outside and I see a steel gate to a tiny enclosed area to the right of the house. So possibly there are places to bring/store ebikes in. But no easy access to the backyard (even a Sunset special usually has a hallway or garage access to the backyard) for people doing yardwork, partiers, older pets, so I suspect the yard will be underutilized (as most outdoor spaces in SF usually are, due to weather). That yard is basically to keep space between you and your neighbor and keep your view. And the weird placement of bathrooms as someone noted. Hmm. I’m thinking 3.3-3.4 now. The floorplan is really quite limiting.

      1. If you look at google street view from before the 2014 renovation, there was never a garage at this location. Adding one would have required raising the entire building by several feet to fit one in, the setback not allowing for a sloped entry into a lower level.

  2. The deck seems unnecessarily small unless there’s a structural reason for its size–barely space for 4 people to sit in a space “made for entertaining.” And despite the popularity of the open floor plan, I can’t see having a dinner party 3 feet away from the kitchen full of dirty dishes. The Murphy-bed bedroom seems usable as a guest room but not much more. And watching movies in a converted garage doesn’t seem high-end to me at all. For 3,000 sq feet, it just doesn’t seem that functional.

  3. This house has a rather perplexing floor plan….no garage, no bathroom on first floor. So the first floor residents needs to haul ass to second floor every time he/she wants to use bathroom! I can’t imagine many people can overlook these two problems especially no bathroom on first floor. The red brick backsplash in kitchen is very specific. View off living room and master is quite nice though. Good luck to the seller. I say maybe 3.3m

  4. “Prestigious Laidley Street”

    Prestigious like outer Broadway and outer Vallejo, and Park Avenue, and Rittenhouse Square, and Beacon Hill, and Knightsbridge, and the 7e arrondissement.

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