As we outlined back in 2012, the 7,138-square-foot home at 15 Buena Vista Terrace was built on a double lot with panoramic views and luxury finishes throughout.

Think Poggenpohl, Gaggenau and Carrara marble counters in the kitchen on the main floor, with a (now) 1000-bottle wine cellar, gym and legitimate home theater two floors below.

The main bedroom suite on the second floor is outfitted with built-in walnut wardrobes and a “spa-like” bathroom with a walk-in double-headed steam shower, double sinks, mosaic-patterned marble flooring and a waterfall Jacuzzi-style tub.

A 500-square-foot “party room” on the top floor opens to a 567-square-foot deck with the panoramic views of the City and Bay which are framed on the floors below.

And having been purchased for $6.6 million when we last featured it, 15 Buena Vista Terrace returned to market listed for $12.75 million last August, a sale at which would have represented total appreciation of 93 percent since June of 2012 or a compounded average of 7.5 percent per year.

Reduced to $11.95 million in November and then to $10.95 million this past March, the “grand-scale Buena Vista Park mansion with top-of-the-world skyline and Bay views” at 15 Buena Vista Terrace has since been relisted for $9.975 million, a sale at which would now represent total appreciation of 51 percent since June of 2012 or an average of 4.6 percent per year (versus a 175 percent increase in the index for Bay Area home values over the same period of time).

If you think you know the market for high-end view mansions in San Francisco, now’s the time to tell.

16 thoughts on “Buena Vista View Mansion Reduced Over 20 Percent”
      1. Nonsense…”the last thirty years of kitchen design”

        It is ODD. Considering that this house is 7138 square feet, it could easily have informal and formal dining.

        See the floor plans on the realtor link – the arrangement is formal and suggests a formal lifestyle.

    1. Agreed, a house that big/fancy would normally have a formal dining room. Maybe they ‘staged out’ the dining room to show that the house could have like 5 different living rooms instead? Very curious.

  1. A few thoughts…

    – It’s split across five levels, with no one level working as a coherent entertaining level, which is a bummer.
    – It feels very 90’s or early 2000’s.
    – This area doesn’t get enough credit. Incredible downtown views and central, but actually walkable to a bunch of stuff and not overly steep where it’s a burden. I’ve never understood the appeal of living in SF but so far up a hill it’s essentially not walkable to anything.

    1. Buena Vista is not prestigious enough for 10m, IMO. Would rather jam it in a smaller house in pac/presidio heights.

  2. Isn’t one of the first rules of real estate that you never wanna be the most expensive house on the block?

    1. Yeah, this is a disaster. He’s going to get crushed in the coming months – luxury homes are tanking. I’m looking to find something juicy in the 5m range, and I’m seeing 750k drops.

  3. I love this neighborhood, but this price still seems too high for me. Great access to Buena Vista Park (as well as a short walk to Duboce and Corona Heights).

  4. if no one else will say it, then i will …

    worst ceiling fan ever

    also, am i the only one who thinks “Home Theater Room” equals we couldn’t figure out what to do with this room?

  5. “we couldn’t figure out what to do with this room [in the basement and without windows]”

    The irony is that in 99.9% of American homes, the “theater” is the existing living room or den fitted with a flat screen. And the bigger homes that have dedicated home theaters also have multiple dens and living rooms, one of which is already fitted with a large flat screen and would work fine for viewing movies.

    Before the era of cheap thin flat screens, a dedicated home theater made more sense due to the massive bulk of those back projected big screens (or the big projector bolted to the ceiling). But nowadays flat screens open up a lot more possibilities. They’re even easy to conceal when not in use.

    1. Theater rooms are awesome. My sister (in LA) has a theater room and her old place did as well. My kids love going there, getting their own seats and candy and popcorn, and watching movies.

      Sure, I can explain that my 65” OLED looks way better, but it doesn’t have the same feel. I also like watching movies in there. I guess it makes more sense in LA, where people buying $4M+ homes might work in the biz.

  6. This could be a really dumb question, but I often see sign-off lines “if you think you know the market for [insert noun], now’s the time to tell”. What do you mean when you say this? Like are you saying that the person who knows that market should post a comment? Or are you saying facetiously that they should give the unfortunate person from the post some advice after the fact? Or is it something else that I’m missing?

    1. There’s a bit of a “Price is Right” guessing game that goes on in the comments here for specific properties that haven’t yet closed a deal. Obviously a guess is only valid before the deal closes.

  7. UPDATE: Having been relisted anew for $8.9 million last month, a sale at which would be considering to be “at asking” according to all industry reports, despite the property having been listed for over 40 percent more last year, 15 Buena Vista Terrace is now in contact. We’ll keep you posted and plugged-in.

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