15 Buena Vista

Built in 2007 on a double lot, 15 Buena Vista Terrace measures over 7,000 square feet with four bedrooms, four and one-half baths and many modern finishes throughout.

15 Buena Vista Kitchen

Think Poggenpohl, Gaggenau and Carrara marble counters in the kitchen on the main floor with a 750 bottle wine cellar, gym and legitimate home theater two floors below.

15 Buena Vista Theater

And on the top floor, a 506 square foot “party room” and 567 square foot deck with views.

UPDATE/Editor’s Note: Before sending us a nastygram with respect to our latest headline, please note it’s Sixteen Candles on the screen in the theater as a reader points out.

∙ Listing: 15 Buena Vista (4/4.5) 7,137 sqft – $7,000,000 | Floor Plans [paytonbinnings]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by RobBob

    I can’t wait to spill some red wine on those Carrara counters.

  2. Posted by eddy

    Wait, it’s not Friday yet! This house is spectacular. But seriously, they couldn’t get a picture on a sunny day for the view terrace?
    And I can’t believe we couldn’t come up with a sixteen candles headline for the post.
    Also, that party room looks to be more like 509 square feet.
    [Editor’s Note: We’re open to better headline suggestions and couldn’t agree more with respect to the terrace photo, but 22 x 23 is 506.]

  3. Posted by curmudgeon

    drink holders! yay!

  4. Posted by Joshua

    Exactly what style is that facade or interior? Looks like a random jumble of all sorts of stuff.
    Likely a similar buyer demographic as 740 Church…though $1.5MM more expensive.
    [Editor’s Note: Inside The Rather Spectacular Spanish Colonial Home At 740 Church (but no comparison as far as we’re concerned).]

  5. Posted by tipster


  6. Posted by Q

    And Sixteen Candles playing in the theater. Someone did their demographic research.

  7. Posted by DataDude

    Where does one buy movie chairs (with drink holders) like that? Are they expensive?
    Beautiful house.

  8. Posted by no_ vally

    RE potential headline suggestions, surely there must be a way to tie in the Thompson Twins theme song that played during that final touching scene where Jake returns the missing underwear:
    “If you were here, I could deceive you…”

  9. Posted by PPC

    DataDude, you can get those chairs in the Magnolia section at Best Buy. There is also a website that sells them in various colors. One option is that you can have the drink holders lit by LED lights. They come in singles up to 4 in either a curved or straight row. My sister in law have a couple; very comfortable and not as bulky as I expected.

  10. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    > $6M and no Temple of Bathing? Surprised but pleased to see that this trend might be dying out.
    Can anyone explain what photo #10 describes about the house? All I see is a split photo of two chairs and some other staged furniture.
    Favorite feature: the split pomegranate fountain.

  11. Posted by Joshua

    Ok, after looking some more…
    “Modern & Mediterranean meet…” usually translates to “McMansion.”
    There are plenty of nice elements to this house, but it’s all jumbled together.
    Photo 1 — Mission style garage door on Med facade. wtf?
    Photo 3 — Italian kitchen, Union Jacks, and RH lighting. wtf?
    Photo 4 — a listing photo of apples and tulips. wtf?
    Photo 13 — sleek paneling and Med fireplace surround. wtf?
    Photo 15 — wtf, wtf, wtf?
    Photo 17 — carrera, jerusalem gold and gun-metal gray? wtf?
    No more time now, but, wtf?

  12. Posted by Lori

    Clearly we need an interior garage shot, which should house a red Porsche and a Rolls Royce.

  13. Posted by sf

    It’s kind of McMansionish

  14. Posted by around1905

    Can’t get past the hardwood floors.
    Looks like there was a sale at the lumberyard or something — heartwood and sapwood (i.e. dark and light boards) all butted together, zillions of short lengths all over the place…..
    I’d laugh but from now on we’ll have to face hardwood floor installers who will tell us that even the most expensive houses use random scraps of wood for their floors….

  15. Posted by Invented

    “Exactly what style is that facade”
    Plaster-on plywood faux-stone Italian Euro look.
    As if.

  16. Posted by Judith


  17. Posted by Joshua

    Clearly you don’t realize those floor boards help form:
    “Opulent formal dining room serves as ideal intellectual retreat.”

  18. Posted by EH

    I’m with sf, McMansion isn’t a style I associate with “party pad” much less “panties.”

  19. Posted by sf

    I’ve been by this house several times since it was built. At night, there are several spot lights recessed into the sidewalk as you can see in the first photo that showcase the entire house. I also never noticed the entire rear portion hiding back there.
    Less is more.

  20. Posted by eddy

    Nice change. Crowdsourcing at its finest!

  21. Posted by BobN

    Exactly what style is that facade or interior?
    I like to call it Tuskan.

  22. Posted by Footie

    The “make you feel good floor”? This house is a whole lot of ick. And for god’s sake, pick an architectural or design style, not all of them!
    Jake Ryan, however, YES PLEASE!!

  23. Posted by hallway

    This just disproves the theory that ‘money can’t buy taste,’ because it clearly has! ALL of them! All your taste are belong to us…

  24. Posted by sunsetlover

    The seats are from here: salamanderdesigns

  25. Posted by Mark F.

    Definately needs major interior changes, but it has a lot of possibilities.

  26. Posted by jlasf

    I understand that there are timing constraints, but after spending X on staging and XX on the cost of the house, why not wait for photos taken on a sunny day? There are great views from that area and yet none can be seen. Instead of sweeping views of everything, we see sweeping views of almost nothing.

  27. Posted by SocketSite

    The sale of 15 Buena Vista Terrace closed escrow today with a reported contract price of $6,600,000 ($925 per square foot).

  28. Posted by SocketSite

    UPDATE: 15 Buena Vista Terrace has just returned to the market with an ambitious $12.75 million price tag and a rather different, and neighborhood centric, film on the screen. We’ll keep you posted and plugged-in.

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