As we revealed back in 2017, plans for a mixed-use building to rise up to six stories in height upon on the parking lot parcel at 425 Broadway, which wraps around the three-story Crowbar and residential hotel building on the corner of Broadway and Montgomery, were in the works, plans which subsequently refined to yield 36 condos over 4,500 square feet of ground floor retail space, 27,000 square feet of office space, and a basement garage for 42 cars (24 spaces of which had been designated for the commercial tenants).

Since further refined by Ian Birchall and Associates and newly rendered below, the proposed development to rise on the site now includes two distinct infill buildings, with a five-story building fronting Broadway, a seven-story building fronting Montgomery, and a landscaped “Verdi Alley” between the two:

The two building approach, which is slated to be approved by San Francisco’s Planning Commission next week, would now yield a total of 41 condos (a mix of 15 one-bedrooms, 21 twos and 5 threes), with 4,940 square feet of ground floor retail space, 18,735 square feet of office space (for “design professionals”), and a residential garage for 17 cars. And as designed, only three (3) of the 41 units would need to be sold at below market rates (BMR), with a State Density Bonus allowing for the height, density, bulk and affordability of the project as proposed.

We’ll keep you posted and plugged-in.

7 thoughts on “Refined Plans for Building up Broadway Slated for Approval”
  1. A handsome project. Breaking it into two distinct buildings is perfect and allows for the two different and interesting street facing facades. .

  2. I agree. Finally some activity on this sleepy corner. I hope they can finally lease that classic dive bar.

    As I like to say here: glad there aren’t too many parking spaces.

  3. Kudos to the design team and owner for not building on every square foot and creating Verdi Alley. It makes both the new and old buildings that surround it more special.

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