With an acceptable offer for the big Mission District parcel/parking lot on the corner of 16th Street and Shotwell, which was on the market for $10 million last year and upon which the Rolling Stock tire shop had stood prior to being engulfed in flames back in 2015, having failed to emerge, plans to effectively bank the parcel appear to have been drawn.

If approved, 14 electrical vehicle charging stations could be installed on the site for use by both the public and private fleet companies, along with a new motorized gate for access.

Keep in mind that the 13,000-squre-foot parcel is zoned for development up to 58 feet in height but currently limited to production, distribution and repair (PDR) uses, a designation which doesn’t allow for either residential or general office uses. A “laboratory” development would, however, be allowed.

We’ll keep you posted and plugged-in.

10 thoughts on “Plans to Bank This Mission District Lot Have Been Drawn”
  1. It’s wild that our city has zoning that prevents such a well located area (close to jobs, shops, and transit) from being turned into housing.

    1. Absolutely bonkers. And for that we get vacant burned out lots and dozens of auto-body shops within walking distance to some of the best transit in CA.

    2. City Zoning is simply being (illegally, IMHO and why on earth there hasn’t been a winning lawsuit is beyond comprehension) used as a device to downzone the lot and force the owners to sell to the “made man” mobbed up Mission non-profit mafia on the cheap. They have had some success so they’ll never stop unless they’re ordered to and they should be ordered to. How does colluding with private developers and the politicians in their pockets to force a taking not meet the standards of a RICO action? Because you see that PDR zoning magically disappears if the non profit mafia wants to turn it into their housing vs private housing for you know, everyone else.

      The laughably named “homeless prenatal clinic” building, where nary a single homeless prenatal was ever cliniqued, magically went from PDR to residential all on the down low with no prior public notifications or meetings. Because shady is as shady does.

      May this lot live forever if the alternative is caving to the mob.

      1. The rezoning of the Homeless Prenatal Program parcel at 2530 18th Street was neither magical nor without any public hearings, but rather by way of City Ordinance No. 098-21, which created a new (2500-2530 18th Street Affordable Housing) Special Use District and zoning amendment for the parcel (from Production, Distribution and Repair to Urban Mixed Use), having been (publicly) heard by San Francisco’s Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors and then signed by Mayor Breed.

        As such, a proposed mixed-use development could now rise on the site, with 73 units of supportive housing for low-income families over two floors of office space for the Homeless Prenatal Program.

        And speaking of Special Use Districts and the approach, one would need to be approved for the proposed transformation of Stonestown, including the development of around 2,900 units of mostly market-rate housing, as the site is currently only zoned for development up to 65 feet in height.

        1. Sorry but if you see what market rate people have to go through to get the go-ahead with PDR in the Mission, what white man calls special use district, we Ohlone call “magic.”

          1. They literally provided direct documentation proving your assertion wrong and your response is “la la la I can’t hear you”.

  2. I believe the building immediately to the west was charred and abandoned as well – would be great to replace that as well.

  3. Planning should rezone all vacant PDR parcels under 20,000 sq ft to NC-T (residential over retail) because it doesn’t pencil to build ground up PDR (industrial or lab) at that scale.

  4. @DK yeah, that building needs to come down, ASAP. It’s been an eyesore for years, people squatting in and around it, a fire waiting to happen.

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