As we first reported back in December of 2017:

Plans for a mixed-use building to rise up to six stories in height upon on the parking lot parcel at 425 Broadway, which actually wraps around the three-story Crowbar and residential hotel building on the corner of Broadway and Montgomery, have been drafted by Ian Birchall and Associates.

Dubbed ‘Montgomery Place,’ the proposed development would leverage California’s Density Bonus law to yield 48 residential units over 2,600 square feet of ground floor retail space fronting Broadway and a 92-car garage, which would act as both a commercial garage as well as providing 23 dedicated parking spaces for residents, with its entrance adjacent to the building’s lobby on Montgomery.

A non-density bonus version of the project would rise to a height of 40 feet and yield a total of 38 residential units over a 15-car garage. But in either case, as designed, only seven (7) of the residential units would be required to be offered at below market rates.

As newly rendered below, a hybrid design for the site, which is currently zoned for development up to 65 feet in height, has since been drafted and submitted to Planning, a six-story design which would technically rise to a height of 64 feet, with 36 condos (a mix of 20 one bedrooms, 12 twos and 4 threes) over 4,500 square feet of ground floor retail space; 27,000 square feet of office space; and a basement garage for 42 cars (24 spaces of which would be designated for the commercial tenants):

And as envisioned, a proposed in-lieu fee of around $3.8 million would paid to the City rather than offering any of the units at below market rates.  We’ll keep you posted and plugged-in.

17 thoughts on “Refined Plans for Building Up Broadway Closer to Reality”
  1. Infill on vacant lots should get an expedited process of approval.

    Maybe cut that total parking number down a little. Higher quality materials would be excellent. Otherwise, let’s build the damn thing.

  2. Literally one door down from the notorious “Hue” nightclub. Scene of weekly mayhem, murder, gunfire, street brawling and hundreds of complaints. Should be a classic SF hot mess.

    1. You remind me of my mother “California is so terrible”-has lived all 60 years of her life in California.

  3. Good. In my humble opinion, there should be a huge financial disincentive to hold onto surface parking lots. Such a waste of space. Tax them at a much higher rate than developed properties and watch them disappear, one-by-one.

      1. Huh? There aren’t a ton of gas stations in the city as it stands now. None are set to open and only more will close in the future. That said, the world runs on petroleum. Like it or not, you must acknowledge it.

        1. Agreed, if by “the world” you really mean “private vehicles that can fuel up anywhere, not only in central neighborhoods where land use for housing/office make much better sense.”

          Gas stations are an increasingly bad use of central property, and fossil-fuel burning vehicles don’t need to be subsidized any more than they already are. Thank u, next. 🙂

          1. No, I mean the world. All of the trucks that transport and deliver all this real estate construction material. All of those Amazon deliveries car-less people are dependent upon. All of the machines used to dig rare earth minerals required for your smartphone and tablets. Yes, the rest of the world outside of Tesla driving DINKs in SF.

    1. That would be really nice. I’d love to see more housing in and around the Jackson Square area. On paper it should be a fantastic place to live if you work in the FiDi. Just gotta solve the Safeway muggins and Starbucks bums and keep the broadway riffraff on Broadway.

    2. Too be they didn’t make it look like 288 Pacific and instead went the SOMA copy-paste route. Even 750 Battery or 150 Broadway.

  4. Looks nice and very appropriate for the location which means the neighborhood fascists – aka Telegraph Hill Dwellers – who hate every non White land owner will throw a sh*t fit.

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