The 3,149-square-foot parcel upon which the Food & Liquor World grocery store building currently sits at 726-28 Post Street is on the market with a $2.5 million price tag.

In addition to being zoned for development up to 80 feet in height, prior to any bonuses, the Lower Nob Hill site is also zoned “RC-4,” a high-density designation that doesn’t require a front setback above a ground floor of commercial space and would permit the development of up to 16 residential units, prior to any bonuses.

And as prominently noted in the marketing materials, Food & Liquor World’s current lease ends on October 31, 2021, “[t]he tenant does not have an option to re-new,” and the building can be delivered vacant. We’ll keep you posted and plugged-in.

14 thoughts on “High-Density (Grocery Store) Site in Play”
    1. My thought exactly !! Even if the business has no value, and the property has to be cleared, I would think the land would be worth multiples of that. There must be a catch or two…or thirteen.

          1. Technically, the northern border of the Tenderloin is O’Farrell. California is the southern border of Nob Hill. And the blocks between are “Downtown,” or more colloquially Lower Nob Hill (northern blocks) or the Tendernob (southern).

          2. Clift hotel is a block away. This is a decent lively multi-cultural neighborhood and nothing like what thoughts of “tenderloin” implies.

          3. Technically…California is the southern border of Nob hill

            So you’re suggesting that describing the Huntington or the Mark Hopkins – or that restaurant space conversion condo that we can’t seem to stay away from – as Nob Hill is “technically” incorrect? It would take a lot of persuasion to get me to come around to this line of thinking.

          4. Precisely; so perhaps the statement “ the properties fronting on California Street is are the southern border” would be more descriptive. Not that real estate ever cares which side of the street you’re on.

          5. have you walked around the clift hotel area recently. maybe the official borders are the same, but “tenderloin activity” has spilled over quite a bit over the last couple of years

  1. It is Lower Nob Hill….definitely borders the TL but also borders Union Square
    Olympic Club, Bohemian Club, Zeppelin Hotel and JW Marriott are on the 500 Block of Post
    Union Square is the 300 block of Post w/ Saks, Tiffany’s, William Sonoma and Apple Store

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