Plans to raze the former Hollywood Video turned Pet Food Express building at 3150 California Street, and the adjoining office complex on the back of the roughly 20,000-square-foot lot, are in the works. And as envisioned a three-story building would rise up to 40 feet in height across the Pacific Heights site which was acquired by San Francisco University High School (UHS) for $7.5 million back in 2008.

As designed by Leddy Maytum Stacy (LMS), the proposed “California Campus” building would yield 48,000 square feet of space for UHS, including a mix of science and general education classrooms, “maker” space, a new student center, multi-court athletic facilities, food service, and faculty and administrative offices.

And if the project is approved, UHS will be seeking to increase its enrollment from 410 to 510 students as well.

14 thoughts on “Pac Heights Infill on the Boards”
  1. No-brainer project, but an underutilization of space at only three stories. No reason why this couldn’t be at least six, unless UHS didn’t want it.

    1. One good reason would be that the site is only zoned for development up to 40 feet in height, which is the height of the project as proposed. And “density bonuses,” which allow for development above zoned heights, are only applicable when residential units are proposed.

  2. Great, more non-residents with fraudulently obtained permits using local parking, and another property coming off the tax rolls. UHS contributes absolutely nothing for the neighborhood.

    1. I’d be a bit more sympathetic if the neighborhood contributed something to the city by, for example, increasing density and building low income housing.

  3. The neighborhood is going to gain more density once the various cranks allow the two projects on California Street to be built. It is a poor location for low income housing, as there are no places of employment nearby, transit is marginal, and all the stores are expensive.

    At least the neighborhood contributes a great deal to civic life through providing major support to our cultural institutions. UHS does not give a hoot about their neighbors.

  4. “maker space” : In other words what used to be called “shop”.

    These terminology modernizations are not new. My high school had “food sciences”, a.k.a. cooking class and a “textiles lab”, a.k.a. sewing class.

  5. another PRIVATE school…’cause of course our PUBLIC school allow ALL children…this is ECONOMIC DISCRIMINATION!… they have rich white kids (with a sprinkling of “others” segregated!!!!.Our schools are great. One has to be on top of “it” to make sure the children are learning….but isn’t that what parenting about. Granted, some schools are better than others.

    “what school does your child go to” no longer speak to parent….imagine pouring $500,000 plus for private education and then the cherished offspring at near forty, still not making over $45,000 (not with recession – good luck) but the children will be able to have ‘private school’ alum benefits (does that really matter? k-12?…(the plus..maybe..grandparents leave mom and dad (please don’t ‘bridge) enough to replace their sacrifices…

  6. University High School is an excellent institution, and always has been. It has a large scholarship program for those who cannot afford the fees but have talent. This is prudent use of an underused space, benefiting the city.

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