While not recorded on the MLS, the three-bedroom unit #60A at 181 Fremont Street appears to have been purchased for $5,772,672 in May of 2018 based on a review of its deed.

In addition to three bedrooms, each of which is outfitted with an en-suite bath, the 1,992-square-foot unit features sweeping views of the city and bay, along with 9-foot ceilings, side-by-side parking for two cars and access to the poor-door-free tower‘s exclusive amenity floor (the office space below which was leased to Facebook).

Having returned to the market priced at $6.465 million early last year, reduced to $5.95 million last May, and then further reduced to $5.595 million in October, the luxury unit remains available for purchase at a sub-2018 price.  At the same time, 181 Fremont #60A had been offered for lease with an asking rent of $20,000 per month early last year.

And for those running the numbers at home, the unit’s HOA fees are currently running around $2,750 per month, not including a parking fee of $500 per month.

13 thoughts on “A High-End Rent Versus Buy (At a Sub-2018 Price)”
  1. It seems this was purchased as a rental – having been put up for rent about 6 months after purchase? Possibly anticipating appreciation? If so that was a foolish move in May 2018 when things were starting to shift. In terms of prices. This is at ground zero of the TTC and to see very expensive condos starting to drop in price tells a tale. It also explains in part the abandonment of several luxury condo tower projects in the immediate area. This type of project simply does not pencil at this time given construction costs and an apparent drop in luxury, top end condo demand/prices.

    1. Seven or more beds in the three bedrooms, based on the photos at the realtor site. Either it housed a rather large family, or more likely they have been spreading the 20K rent across a lot of tech bros in this luxury bunkhouse.

    2. Possibly but I’d think an uber upscale place such as this would severely restrict renting out units. And especially using it as a tech bro hostel.

      1. Except now, S.F. is filling up with Travis Kalanick-type ersatz libertarians who don’t think rules apply to them unless they support the fulfillment of said ersatz libertarians’ dreams of avarice.

        No “go getter” tinhorn greed-driven small-time landlord is going to let something as petty as HOA rules prevent them from putting their business model into practice. And let’s face it, no real family is going to pay the 20K rent monthly when that’s more than a mortgage payment on a less-expensive, but still plenty serviceable residence elsewhere in The City.

        1. Don’t forget taxes. SALT are no longer deductible at the federal level. Even a basic 3BR has a monthly cost of $12-13k all-in.

  2. cool apartment but wow that furniture is hideous! like a midwestern car dealer’s idea of what high-end furniture looks like

  3. This home was on the market for sale, then for rent… It’s a difficult offering because there are other brand new units still available for purchase and for the renter the price is rather high. Positives are the location, access to the new salesforce park directly from the building, massive privacy as there are only 70 units for purchase and 12 of them are available for purchase if you buy a unit above for your Aupair, Nanny, to use as a guest space etc.

  4. In related news, the two-bedroom “plus office” unit #58A at 181 Fremont, which was purchased for $4,999,000 in August of 2018, has now been on the market for five months with a $4.9 million list price, down from $5,195,000 back in June.

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