Purchased for $1.85 million in mid-2015, the remodeled two-bedroom, 1,565-square-foot unit #216 in the Oriental Warehouse building at 650 Delancey Street (“the premier historic live/work loft conversion building located in San Francisco’s hip South Beach neighborhood”) returned to the market priced at $1.875 million this past October.

In addition to two bedrooms and two full baths, the unit offers two deeded parking spaces as well, with HOA dues that total $653 a month. And having been de-listed in December, the unit has been re-listed anew with the same $1.875 million list price but a reset “days on the market” count.

If you think you know the market for high-end loft units in San Francisco, now’s the time to tell. If you need a little hint, try clicking here.

11 thoughts on “Remodeled Oriental Warehouse Unit Returns”
  1. Someone help me out here. The downstairs “bedroom” has no windows (nor does it apparently have full floor to ceiling doors separating it from the kitchen) and the upstairs “bedroom” has no walls. How does more than one person live in a unit like this? This can’t truly accommodate two people not in an intimate relationship, can it? I’m not sure I’d even want to share it with my husband. What do you do when one wants to go to bed early and the other wants to stay up and practice his guitar?

    1. That’s a question every potential loft buyer has to think about. Many have only open bedroom areas.
      When the residents keep different schedules, you have to either: deal with it (early-to-bed person uses earplugs), or seek out one of the lofts that does have fully separated levels or least bedrooms with doors.

      A number of RE agents told me when I was shopping “You can set up your office desk here under the stairs” in 1-bedroom lofts. Not going to work. I waited until proper 2br fully separated-levels place came available.

    2. An old girlfriends’ parents had one of those one bedroom lofts in NYC and we would sleep below it on a futon when visiting. Terrible lack of privacy for all, I would never buy something like that. The high ceiling is nice but not worth sacrificing privacy. No matter how big it is it is still like living in a studio apartment.

  2. We looked at this unit and it is quite well done, though a bit dimly illuminated. My wife and I are empty nesters with occasional guests and the layout of this loft was perfect for that.

  3. So the only closet in the downstairs bedroom is about 1′ by 3′ deep? The room is begging to be a home-office.

    Still overall, a nice looking place.

  4. I used to own at the OW and sold to buy a loft in a different building. Open living space is a feature, not a bug, for those of us who enjoy living in warehouse conversions. Think of it as urban camping. Not for everyone. But I dig it.

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