The 45-story tower rising at 706 Mission Street, which was officially flagged a Four Seasons residential development last year, as we first reported at the time, has officially topped off.

Once again, the building’s 146 condos will be managed by Four Seasons staff, with typical units ranging in size from 2,800 to over 4,000 square feet and 12 “penthouse” units, including a 10,000-square-foot Grand Penthouse atop the tower with 4,000 square feet of private terrace space and a $49 million price tag.

And with San Francisco’s new Mexican Museum to be housed at its base, the topped off tower is currently on track to open next year.

12 thoughts on “New Four Seasons Tower Has Topped Off, Opening Next Year”
    1. Nothing about a Four Seasons anything implies middle class. It wasn’t designed with that segment in mind and was never advertised as such.

    1. Don’t quote me on this but I don’t think so…..Believe it’s being repurposed in another direction….interesting how this place, rental place at 500 Folsom, and SOM condos on Steuart all nearing completion. And it looks like the SOM project will sport “sky nano walls” on deck units….

        1. The links are confusing, since – in the interim between the project being announced and now – THIS project has been branded a Four Seasons as well, so the earlier references to “objections by Four Seasons residents” actually mean the earlier building on Market; and, even worse, the link seems to point to this very same project …was it supposed to point somewhere else ?? (If so, then how to explain this remark w/i one of the stories “…project includes the redevelopment of the adjacent Aronson Building and San Francisco’s new Mexican Museum, designed by Ten Arquitectos, at its base.”??)

  1. Can we please stick with “topping out” rather than “topping off?” The language of our industry gets more and more corrupted with each passing year.

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