The required Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the proposed infill 27-story tower to rise on Nordstrom’s underdeveloped parking lot parcel at 469 Stevenson Street is about to be drafted by Planning.

As we first reported last year, while the tower’s proposed height has been reduced to 284 feet in height, its proposed density has been increased to include around 460 units, of which 358 units would be one-bedrooms and the remainder a mix of twos, threes and eight fives.

At the same time, the number of parking spaces in the development’s underground garage has since been reduced from 234 to 171 and the project’s two ground floor commercial spaces, which are slated to front Jessie, have been reduced to total 4,000 square feet.

And assuming the project is approved as proposed, which includes a requested density bonus as the parking lot parcel is principally zoned for 160 feet in height, the project team is now anticipated to break ground sometime next year and be completed with the development by late 2023.

12 thoughts on “Study for Mid-Market Infill Tower About to Get Underway”
  1. Is 27 stories really a “tower”. seems too short for that moniker?

    there is still too much parking. should try to get it below 100

  2. too much parking, especially if 80% of units are 1bdroom. there wont be families living in those and everything is walkable from here.

    1. And many if not most of the residents of “…the remainder a mix of twos, threes and eight fives” will have more than one car and will demand parking, whether in the building in an off site garage or on the street. And that will be true even if everything is walkable from here.

    1. Not yet, but with the few additional projects in the works in the immediate area and ultimately more foot traffic in those alleys; I imagine they’ll eventually become fairly sought after quiet (hopefully pedestrian priority) streets in an otherwise loud and chaotic urban center.

      I’ve always felt that the back alleys and smaller side streets in this city could be the most charming and unique parts if given a little love—not unlike parts of Jackson Square or Chinatown.

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