As we first noted two months ago:

Technically it’s not a price cut, the prevalence of which has been on the rise in San Francisco, as the list price for the 5,700-square-foot penthouse shell #41A atop the LUMINA tower at 201 Folsom Street remains at $11.495 million.

But the listing notes for the two-level unit have been updated to note a new $1.55 million “buildout incentive” which is now being offered by the sales team.

In addition to an 18-foot ceiling in the living room, the three-bedroom shell features over 290 linear feet of windows in the common areas alone, three private outdoor balconies and three parking spaces in the garage below with HOA dues of $3,670 per month and some rather spectacular views.

The list price for 201 Folsom Street #41A has now officially reduced to $9.995 million and the “incentive” language removed.

At the same time, the list price for the adjacent 5,223-square-foot penthouse shell #41B, which had been listed for $10.495 million (and to which a $1.55 million “buildout incentive” had subsequently been attached as well) has just officially been reduced by $2.5 million (24 percent) to $7.995 million.

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  1. UPDATE: The two penthouse units have been listed anew for $9.995 and $7.495 million respectively and an official “one day on the market” for each according to all MLS-based stats and aggregate reports.

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