Having hit the market with an $8.4 million price tag early last year, as we first reported at the time, the former Mission Police Station and jail at 1240 Valencia Street, between 23rd and 24th, has finally sold to Mission Neighborhood Center (MNC), a local non-profit, and closed escrow with a $6.8 million contract price.

In the near-term, MNC is planning to convert the roughly 8,000-square-foot building – which was decommissioned in 1994, acquired by way of a surplus site auction for $560,000 in March of 1997 and converted into a private live-work space for the Tomb family – into preschool, infant-toddler and Head Start classroom facilities.

And yes, as the building sits on an 11,774-square-foot lot which is zoned for development up to 55 feet in height, MNC will be exploring “the option of developing affordable housing on the location in the future.” We’ll keep you posted and plugged-in.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Cynthia

    Let them build as much affordable housing as they can on that lot. But not chintzy, cheap, corner-cutting housing. Properly high ceilings, double-paned windows, and enough space for families. It’ll be a perfect match for a place with a child care center downstairs.

    • Posted by ayhsmb

      So, in other words, you want them to make expensive things affordable?

  2. Posted by ItMe

    Anyone know what’s up with the mysterious *other* Mission police station at 3057 17th St?

    • Posted by Martin

      I thought this post was going to be about THAT station too! Looking at satellite view, the roof is plastered with solar panels, so it appears to have been used more recently than we think. Google search for that address doesn’t turn up anything though, so perhaps it’s a private commercial space?

      • Posted by ayhsmb

        Search harder, I forget where but there is content about that and rumors of the owner.

  3. Posted by Dan

    It’s a great property for a preschool (other than lacking drop off space), with the big courtyard space for the kids to play.

  4. Posted by mdg399

    its an awful building… A tomb inside .. An echo chamber… cold and dilapidated… i worked inside that building 15 years ago… it was awful then and its awful now

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