The first LEED Platinum Certified home in Northern California was built on a Rockridge lot with views at 5950 Margarido Drive.

And having first hit the market in 2009 with a $5.5 million price tag, reduced to $4.795 million in early 2010 (and in contract for a few months), relisted for $4.3 million that June, reduced to $3.95 million and then to $3.395 million, the Margarido House officially sold “at asking” with a $3.395 million contract price in October of 2010.

And having since been featured “in numerous magazines,” the five-bedroom, 4,635-square-foot home at 5950 Margarido Drive has just returned to the market with a $4.425 million price tag or roughly $955 per square foot for the “Oasis of Luxury, Design & Sustainability.”

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by EXSFLandlord

    How did this home get certified “LEED Platinum” ? It has a two car garage…….must be for electric only… engineering at it’s finest.

    Anyone know which landfill in Mexifornia is accepting used lithium batteries?

    • Posted by Tesla

      Lithium is recyclable. You can take your old batteries to any hardware store for recycling.

    • Posted by Brian M

      It’s also in an utterly unwalkable, low density, totally car dependent suburban setting. Platinum LEED is meaningless.

      • Posted by Brahma (incensed renter)

        The immediate neighborhood does look like a suburban car-dependent area, but the listing says the Walk Score is 58 / 100: ‘Somewhat Walkable’. It’s a 14 min walk to the Rockridge BART Station. But yeah, someone with a $4.4M house with a two car garage is probably unlikely to do that on a regular basis.

  2. Posted by SocketSite

    UPDATE: The list price for 5950 Margarido Drive has just been reduced $230K to $4.195 million.

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