The first LEED Platinum Certified home in Northern California was built on a Rockridge lot with views at 5950 Margarido Drive.

And having first hit the market in 2009 with a $5.5 million price tag, reduced to $4.795 million in early 2010 (and in contract for a few months), relisted for $4.3 million that June, reduced to $3.95 million and then to $3.395 million, the Margarido House officially sold “at asking” with a $3.395 million contract price in October of 2010.

And having since been featured “in numerous magazines,” the five-bedroom, 4,635-square-foot home at 5950 Margarido Drive has just returned to the market with a $4.425 million price tag or roughly $955 per square foot for the “Oasis of Luxury, Design & Sustainability.”

6 thoughts on “The Margarido House Returns”
  1. How did this home get certified “LEED Platinum” ? It has a two car garage…….must be for electric only… engineering at it’s finest.

    Anyone know which landfill in Mexifornia is accepting used lithium batteries?

    1. It’s also in an utterly unwalkable, low density, totally car dependent suburban setting. Platinum LEED is meaningless.

      1. The immediate neighborhood does look like a suburban car-dependent area, but the listing says the Walk Score is 58 / 100: ‘Somewhat Walkable’. It’s a 14 min walk to the Rockridge BART Station. But yeah, someone with a $4.4M house with a two car garage is probably unlikely to do that on a regular basis.

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