Plans to raze the two-story Fisherman’s Wharf “Tower Complex” on the Northwest corner of North Point and Taylor are in the works. And as proposed a five-level hotel, with a sunken bottom floor, could rise up to 40 feet in height upon the 2629 Taylor Street site.

Designed by Stanton Architecture, the proposed development would yield a 134-room hotel, with a ground floor coffee shop/lobby fronting North Point and retail space along Taylor but without a signature restaurant or meeting space.

And as designed, the development would require two exceptions to San Francisco’s Planning Code to be built as rendered, one to allow for wider bay windows, “so that the resulting guestrooms could accommodate two queen beds,” and a second to allow for the building’s accent feature to project over the parcel’s property line and be “consistent with the pattern of accentuated corners found throughout the Wharf.”

We’ll keep you posted and plugged-in.

8 thoughts on “Tower Complex Could Be Razed for a 40-Foot-Tall Hotel”
    1. There are a number of factors that influence how high things are built… Particularly on waterfront lots (that are often filled land) poor sub-soil conditions can make tall(er) buildings expensive. Not to mention the basic principal that people can make a building as short as they damned well feel like.

      [Editor’s Note: And of course, basic zoning, such as the 40-foot height limit for the site (hence the sunken bottom floor to eek eke out five levels of space).]

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