As we noted back in April:

Plans to raze the two-story Art Deco building at 828 Brannan Street, which was built for the Schweitzer Wholesale Meat Company back in 1936, have been in the works for a few years, as we first reported back when the preliminary plans for the site were drafted by Kava Massih Architects.

While the draft plans for the site were a bit more ethereal, the refined set of plans, which just qualified for a streamlined environmental review, are a bit more staid.

And if approved and the ground is broken, the seven-story building would rise up to 68 feet in height upon the Showplace Square site, with 50 residential units over 2,100 square feet of new retail space fronting Brannan and a basement garage for 22 cars and 36 bikes. Secured parking for another 18 bikes would be provided on the ground floor as well.

The plans have since been formally approved and the development’s exemption from a resource intensive environmental review has now survived the statutory 30-day window within which it could have been appealed.

All that being said, the paperwork to secure a building, much less demolition, permit has yet to be submitted to the City’s Department of Building Inspection, a submission which is typically parallel processed along with project approvals when the project team is positioning to break ground (versus the entitlements being banked or flipped).

5 thoughts on “Showplace Development Approved but not yet Permitted”
  1. Perhaps this entitlement will be put up for sale as have so many other residential entitlements in recent years?

    1. Yeah, the existing facade is very handsome. But the new building is not terrible and has infinity times more housing, so I guess that’s progress.

      1. SF just announced it’s closing its juvy detention facility, and this looks like an appropriate edifice to lock up those yoots who will never be able to pay rent here, let alone buy a building to live in. Coincidence? Is this soulful and inviting project Saitowitz approved? And if the CIA is still looking for black sites to torture some folks, I think we have a contender.

  2. Save the drama for your momma. It is an unexceptional building. Fairly boring, but not a detention facility by any stretch of the imagination.

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