As we reported last year, the formal application to move forward with the demolition of the shuttered Mission District garage at 1721 15th Street (between Little Star Pizza and The Monastery, which is actually on market) and development of a modern five-story building upon its site has been submitted to Planning.

The project as proposed would yield 24 residential units (8 one bedrooms and 16 twos) over 2,700 square feet of retail space, with off-street parking for 24 bikes and zero (0) cars and a facade that’s finished with perforated Corian panels.

And while the existing 102-year-old garage had been tagged as a potential Historic Resource for the ‘Inner Mission Reconstruction Historic District’ when purchased by the project team in 2016, the group has secured a determination from Planning that there are “no historical resource(s) present” to impede its demolition and redevelopment.

But the processing of the formal application has been put on hold. And bigger plans for the site have since been drawn for the Dragonfly Investments Group, bonus plans which would yield a total of 41 residential units (over two retail spaces):

We’ll keep you posted and plugged-in.

24 thoughts on “Bigger Plans for Mission District Development Have Been Drawn”
  1. Very nice addition to an otherwise tagged existing “nothing”.

    I assume the rendering is merely a ghost for now…details tbd yes?

    1. The material is actually white like that. I wonder how it’ll look though with a couple years of soot and smog clinging to it…

  2. It’s a bummer to travel to hamlets far and wide that are full of regret for having demolished their vintage brick warehouse buildings. Even small towns in texas are scrambling to preserve what’s left because when repurposed as venues (breweries, arts & performance spaces like Minnesota St. Etc) they fill in a desperately needed void in the bland cut and paste new urbanist dullness. We aren’t a hamlet but over and over we’re tearing ours down and replacing them with sad sack CGI rendered boxes like these from bro-quitecture offices full of obnoxious Ayn stand acolytes with no taste and personalities str8 out of the bachelor. SF is just a dregs these days.

    1. There are plenty of these ugly old auto shops around town. Performances spaces? Really? That’s what Oakland is for. This site is well served by both BART and MUNI, and while the design is not thrilling, it’s massed nicely and vanishes. Build it.

      1. You heard it here first folks, from an expert. Oakland is for performance spaces. No performances spaces allowed in SF.

    2. Wow. You should be a dystopian sci fi novel writer. The turns of phrase bemoaning the fate of a graffiti besmeared garage.

      Do you also issue poetic epitaphs for the glories of lost parking lots? There is one in West Berkeley that is a “sacred garbage midden” that Native Americans from 3,000 miles away are fighting to “save”. That sounds like another great cause!

      1. There have been a few posts of his that have been too extreme and I think tipped me off that this is a satirical troll account. For example, there was one where he claimed a backyard of a house in SOMA was a qualifier for a UNESCO World Heritage site. Well done though because he definitely got me for a long time.

  3. Glad to see the larger project being proposed. 24-unit proposals are bullshit which should be rejected in every case (higher BMR requirements kick in at 25 units, so every developer tries to get away with only building 24…)

  4. So good. I wanna see every auto body shop replaced with one of these.

    Or at least a good chunk. People always say San Francisco is saturated on coffee shops, but I think the Mission has a higher density of auto body shops than cafes.

    1. “[…] I think the Mission has a higher density of auto body shops than cafes.”

      The horror! I’m sure we all agree that the Mission still has too many auto shops (and other PDR facilities) that provide decent-paying jobs to people without college degrees. We need more poverty-wage coffee shops to really put those uppity working class losers in their place, amirite? We are the gentrifiers: if you’re not with us, you are against us, and we will crush you. With our sushi delivery apps, flying cars, and other utterly useless bvll$hit.

  5. Anyone else a little surprised to not see Natoma in the tags? At first look of the original version, I would have sworn this was Saitowitz (less so on the newer proposal).

  6. Detention-facility gentrification porn is getting to be a thing.

    I’m calling ageism on the rendering. Why are there no seniors in tight pants jaywalking towards their uber while staring at their phones?

    And how am I supposed to jog down the middle of the sidewalk with all those millennial cluster obstacles?

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