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Speaking of underdeveloped Mission District parcels in play, the Mission District garage at 1721 15th Street is now in contract to be sold. As we first reported about the building, exploratory plans and imminent sale last year:

Considered a potential Historic Resource for the ‘Inner Mission Reconstruction Historic District,’ the redevelopment of the garage known as Jay’s Auto Body Center at 1721 15th Street, between Little Star Pizza and The Monastery, could be a little tricky.

But the owners of the building have met with San Francisco’s Planning Department to explore the possibility of ‘converting’ the garage into a 27-unit condo project. And the building is about to hit the market listed as a ‘development opportunity’…

The garage, which was built in 1916 and for which the owners were seeking $7.25 million, sits on a parcel which is now zoned for development up to 55 feet in height. And the latest plans for the site call for a new five-story building with commercial space and parking on the first floor and four floors of housing, with up to 48 units, above.

20 thoughts on “Historic Garage in Contract, New Plans for Condos to Rise”
    1. Valencia Gardens is not that bad. Even architecturally speaking… I believe it won a bunch of awards when it was built.

      1. So allegedly, did Delancey Street. I’ve voiced my antipathy for that property in its location before but I’ve come up with a place on the waterfront for which it would have been perfect. That triangular block at the intersection of Bay and the Embarcadero formerly a car wash and currently a parking lot. Would be a great bridge from North Beach to waterfront /wharf. Might even have met with Peskin’s/THDs’ approval though they probably favor the current horrible status quo for fear of ANYthing different.

  1. If it is deemed a historic resource, a setback will be required and there’s no way they’ll be able to put 48 units there.


  2. As someone who has a 35 year old business, looking for PDR space with the very real possibility of being pushed out of the city in which we’ve operated since 1981, I recognize the need for housing, but am also biased in my opinion about the loss of such spaces in central SF and elsewhere. There is a steady flow of services unrelated to tech which continue to bleed out of our once robust urban village. On that front, albeit a selfish one, I’m sorry to see buildings like this go.

    1. Oakland (and points south) will continue to have huge industrial areas for many decades. They’re even building new industrial space.

      1. Isn’t there a lot of admittedly less attractive square footage in the industrial sections of Bayview? I recall cycling through blocks and blocks of PDR space with nary a condo development in view.

        I am curious what the PDR vacancy rate is in the City and in specific neighborhoods?

    2. your POV appreciated and your situation as well – but SF cannot be a counter cyclical island unto itself. already some of the strictest ( and most unrealistic) land use policies in the USA. PDR needs space. SF doesn’t have that…

      Again – sorry for your situation. BUT, I bet you find CHEAPER just outside of SF.

      1. Right, we must homogenize SF to the maximum extent possible! Your rationalization that the City has no space is even more fatuous than the suggestion that only the most remote “industrialized” nabes are fitting. Crisper’s point needs to be heard.

        1. Well…these remote neighborhoods might not be the only fitting neighborhoods, but they may be the only affordable ones?

          Given that San Francisco has extremely onerous planning policies already, are you proposing an outright ban on conversion of PDR space where it currently exists?

          Speaking more snarkily, San Francisco has a LONG way to go before it is completely homogenized. Given how expensive it is and how much (pseudo?) wealth was generated here, it is amazing how ratty so many neighborhoods look.

    3. well Crisper, the “build it now and higher crowd” has been realtively kind to you –so far.

      I thought they would want their pound of flesh from someone like you who could conceive of a use other than high commission condo units.

      Thanks for a contra-view and I suspect you will be driven from this board

      1. The responses to crisper have attempted to be thoughtful. You, on the other hand, are just being snarky and trolling.

        Who needs to be driven from this board?

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