In a move which shouldn’t catch any plugged-in readers by surprise, the formal application to move forward with the demolition of the shuttered Mission District garage at 1721 15th Street (between Little Star Pizza and The Monastery, which is actually on market) and development of a modern five-story building upon its site has been submitted to Planning.

Once again, the proposed project would yield 24 residential units (8 one bedrooms and 16 twos) over 2,700 square feet of retail space, with off-street parking for 24 bikes and zero (0) cars and a facade that’s finished with perforated Corian panels.

And while the existing 102-year-old garage had been tagged as a potential Historic Resource for the ‘Inner Mission Reconstruction Historic District’ when purchased by the project team in 2016, the group has secured a determination from Planning that there are “no historical resource(s) present” to impede its demolition and redevelopment.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by ok

    Who is the architect on this project?

    [Editor’s Note: See Proposed Mission District Development Newly Rendered (as previously reported, linked and tagged above).]

  2. Posted by sf12

    They overpaid when they bought [the site] – will be interesting to see what happens – not worth what they paid a few years back.

  3. Posted by Peter

    SocketSite adds their “water-mark” to all the Architects copyrighted images, but can’t be bothered to provide the architects credit in each article.

    • Posted by Out of Town

      Not sure that the architect wants credit for this design in each article, but it is in the linked prior article:
      “As designed by Workshop1 for Dragonfly Investments Group…”

      • Posted by Peter

        I’m aware it’s in the previous article – my point being that it should be in every article. My comment was supposed to be in reply to the “editor note”. SocketSite seems to think it is important to edit every image with their branding – least they could do it give credit to where that image is coming from.

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