Designed by Sutton Suzuki Architects and built in 2009, the 5,400-square-foot Tiburon home at 1925 Straits View Drive, with modern finishes and sweeping views of the bay, Golden Gate bridge and San Francisco skyline, was purchased for $10.1 million in October of 2015 having hit the market priced at $11.95 million earlier that year.

At the time, the purchase price was the second highest on record for a home in Tiburon, with two other homes (1860 Mountain View Drive and 185 Gilmartin Drive) having since sold for a couple million more.

And having returned to the market listed for $11.95 million this past June, a sale at which would have represented total appreciation of 18.3 percent over the past three years on an apples-to-apples basis, or roughly 5.8 percent per year, the price for 1925 Straits View Drive has just been reduced to $9.995 million with an interim cut to $10.995 million two weeks ago.

17 thoughts on “Modern $10M Tiburon Home Now Listed at a Loss”
  1. You’re seriously just going to delete all posts of factual information that contradict your storyline that prices are tanking? OK – goodbye.

    1. When said posts are consistently off-topic, uniformed and misleading? Yes.

      Between the purchase and sale of 829 Rhode Island, over in San Francisco, expansion plans have been drawn and submitted to Planning. And of course, that’s not the only difference. If you can’t be bothered to stay on topic, do the research and drop the strawman “tanking” canard, please do take your ball and head home.

      Now back to 1925 Straits View Drive, or at the very least Tiburon, and the market at hand…

  2. What a beauty! Simplicity at its best. Tiburon is a great upscale enclave, unfortunately situated in CA with all of its attendant problems.

    If you wrap up this house and set it down on expensive soil in Singapore, property would fetch 10X asking.

    1. It’s valuable BECAUSE it’s in California, near the headquarters of Apple, Google, Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, Salesforce, Oracle, Stripe, etc.

      1. That and the gorgeous natural setting.

        If you wrap up this house and set it down pretty much anywhere else in the world, it would be a $2M house. (That’s no insult to the house, which is one of my favorites I’ve seen on here in a while.)

        1. The way it works is that you don’t have to drive to one of these companies to enjoy the prosperity they generate. You might be a lawyer for them, or a banker, or a board member, or a venture capitalist, or a real estate agent, or a vendor who sells something to them, etc.

          None of these people drives to their office every day

        2. I think a nice 30 minute ferry ride to downtown SF and Salesforce HQ sounds like a pretty nice commute. Especially if I could live here. I would never sell.

        3. I drive from Tiburon to downtown SF every weekday morning. It takes me approximately 40 minutes. If the ferry schedule worked for me, it would be a 30 minute commute. Not sure where you’re pulling 2 hours from? Out of thin air?

          1. Perhaps from the fact that Apple, google and facebook AREN’T HQ’ed in downtown SF, but rather about 1 – 1-1/2 hrs from it ??
            Of course you still have Stripe.

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