The contemporary 5,400-square-foot home at 1925 Straits View Drive in Tiburon was designed by Sutton Suzuki Architects in 2009 “to maintain [the] established view corridors for [its] uphill neighbors,” while capturing the views for itself as well.

Finished in stone and wood with walls of glass, a Koi pond separates the living room(s) from the bedroom wing [floor plans] which includes the master suite with an open master bath, terrace and private spa.

And for the first time, 1925 Straits View Drive is now on the market for $11.95 million.

13 thoughts on “Contemporary Living In Tiburon For $11.95M”
  1. I’m starting a new 90’s hip hop cover band called ‘Infinity Hot Tub.’
    On Thursdays we play Depeche Mode stuff as ‘Koi Pond Courtyard.’

    Beautiful house.
    And it better be for $2K plus per foot(!)

  2. Nice design. Small lot. Neighbors in close proximity. For $12M I want a pool. And a reflecting pool doesn’t count. The only thing I’d be reflecting upon is why I spent 12M and didn’t have a real pool like almost every other home in this price bracket in Tiburon. But it is a really well designed home and I love it.

    1. If this is what they did, they:

      1) took a risk that the recession would end in a reasonable period of time

      2) employed people in the construction industry when no one else would

      This is capitalism and entrepreneurship at its best with all the risks and rewards that this entails.

      And then they got lucky, the housing market rebounded more than anyone would have imagined.

    1. With this house, your odds are substantially better, since coming back as a fish might net you (ahem) a place. Every species helps!

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