Having opened as an X-rated theater and porn studio in 1969 and subsequently transitioned into the infamous “close-contact” strip club, with multiple themed rooms and live shows, it remains today, the former Pontiac dealership turned Mitchell Brothers O’Farrell Theatre at 895 O’Farrell Street is now quietly for sale without a set price or available for lease at $39,000 a month.

As noted in the offering materials for the “bar” which are now making the rounds, the theater’s 9,600-square-foot parcel on the southeast corner of Polk is zoned for development up to 130 feet in height and doesn’t appear to be encumbered by an existing long-term lease. And we’ll add, the building hasn’t (yet) been designated as a historic resource.

We’ll keep you posted and plugged-in.

31 thoughts on “Infamous Mitchell Brothers O’Farrell Theatre on the Market”
    1. The neighborhood just won’t be the same without all the drug addicts staggering down the block at dawn.

      1. I don’t think the sale/closure of this club will stop the parade of drug addicts staggering down the block. Your dream is safe for now.

  1. If this becomes condos, hopefully the [Great American Music Hall] on this block is far enough away to not get the otherwise-inevitable noise complaints.

  2. why would this building be designated a historic resource, it it notable for something other than its x rated history?

    1. I believe this was one of the editor’s seldom-seen-but-much-appreciated forays into sarcasm. (A joke linking the Pontiac dealership w/ the building’s later history would have been preferred but probably either too complex or inappropriate…for a family-friendly blog)

    2. actually its porn history and theatre history is probable a national landmark. there is a lot of SF history there and mitchell bros are SF legends

      1. if nondescript laundromats in the mission can get landmark status, then this piece of SF history can definitely be included.

        1. the laundrymat had no history and that was a ridiculous designation. this does have history and i could see a strong justification

        1. As sex workers are routinely villified and have, in the past, tried to unionize here in San Francisco, yes – I think it’s worth preserving.

  3. NOOOOOOOooooooo!!!!!!! This city used to be cool and weird. The Nob Hill Theater just closed; if the Mitchell Bros. closes too that will be another nail in the coffin. 🙁

  4. The property appears to not be located in the North of Market Residential SUD, therefore, with an existing permitted Height Limit of 130 feet, this would be a very good candidate for a Tier 1 (23% below-market-rate) HomeSF project.

  5. It’s so hard to find locally based commercial tenants for long term leases. And young people and convention attendees these days want “experiences”. Perhaps a new category could be created: Smutorical preservation status. And all that cash could offset HOA fees, or residents could get discounts or in-kind donations. There are so many good ideas here.

  6. I’ve been posting to Socketsite from the third booth at the back for about four years now. Sometimes my wifi signal gets blocked.

    It’s really quite sad to me to lose another local business despite my dedicated patronage.

  7. At last that family is coming undone. Historically speaking James Mitchell murdered his brother and got away with it. Nothing but havoc.His son James Raphael Whitty Mitchell is serving life for the murder of Danielle Rosa Keller 7/12/09~

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