While the infamous “close-contact” strip club known as Mitchell Brothers remains open, the O’Farrell Theatre and corner parcel upon which the theater sits, and its talent spins, has quietly traded hands with a $9 million contract price, around a million less than the broker’s unofficial target.

As we first reported last year, the theater site is zoned for development up to 130 feet in height and doesn’t appear to be encumbered by an existing long-term lease.

And while formal plans for the site have yet to emerge, the managing partner of the O’Farrell Place LLC, which officially purchased the property, is tied to the hotel industry.  We’ll keep you posted and plugged-in.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Sutro_Tower

    Well strip clubs and hotels do go hand in… ahem hand. Maybe Mitchell Bros. can return as active ground floor tenants in this next incarnation.

    • Posted by yy

      could this be the answer to empty storefronts…?

      oh well

  2. Posted by Cats Meow

    I’ve never been a NIMBY until now

  3. Posted by hundoman

    If that place closes a lot of [people] could be looking for new employment.

    That old 76 gas station next door where all the independent contractors park is sure full of some nice rides every evening.

    • Posted by Brahma (incensed renter)

      I’m sure many of the newly unemployed strip…er…entertainers will take time off to study for a real estate license and go on to successful careers as real estate agents like Fredrik Eklund did.

  4. Posted by MyOddCommentHandle

    Someone should petition to have it turned into a SF historic landmark just for spite.

    Lots of history came out of that building. No pun intended.

  5. Posted by Calvin

    Does AB-5 increase the incentive to get out of the business/sell?

  6. Posted by will welch

    world’s first 130′ stripper pole? i need air.

  7. Posted by Zugamenzio Farnsworth

    Interesting to see what happens next….condos for sale just over a block away on Larkin (not sure how they’re selling). So much local color and history came to Mitchell Brother’s: yet surely they’ll come elsewhere too.

    • Posted by Ken m

      Don’t see many lights on at night in that new condo bldg

  8. Posted by John O'Grady

    Infamous? I suppose.
    Too expensive? That’s more true.

  9. Posted by Dinah Sore

    oh – if those floors and walls could only talk…..

  10. Posted by Name

    Always loved the mural. A respite in the misery of having to travel through the TL

  11. Posted by JRSF

    I hope the GAMH a couple of doors down doesn’t then have noise complaint issues from whatever would come into this block (either condo or hotel). And yes, the mural has always gorgeous (I pass this every day on the 38 going to work).

  12. Posted by JayJay78

    Buyer could turn this into a upscale cabaret style hotel.

  13. Posted by Robert DeSouza

    Now boarded up due to pandemic. Unsure whether California proposition 19 would affect conversion of theatre into hotel or condominium. In the interim, should SF move into ‘red or orange tier’, it would be interesting, to see theatre management (Mitchell 2nd generation) reopen, for ‘social-distancing’ engagement.

  14. Posted by Evelyn Li

    Sad to report, after a drop in attendance for several years, the COVID pandemic finally forced theatre to close permanently. After 50 years, it ceased operation in October, 2020. RIP, O’Farrell Theatre, thanks for the memories!

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