The number of formal complaints related to illegal short-term rental activity in San Francisco has continued to drop, with a total of 231 complaints lodged in the first three quarters of the year, down nearly 50 percent versus 2017 and 55 percent fewer than the 516 lodged in the first three quarters of 2016.

The number of complaints peaked at over 200 in the second quarter of 2016 alone, the quarter in which San Francisco drafted a new short term rental law which was finally implemented last year

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  1. Posted by Sfer

    And how much did we SF Tax payers have to pay to have the City employ a whole STR staff. That is probably the bigger scam to tax payers. The STR budget w/ all it’s benefits & pension would be good to know. Airbnb should be footing the bill for it not SF taxpayers. Hosts I’m assuming are already paying AIrbnb tax.

    • Posted by SureJan

      Looks like the third time was a charm for your spelling of “taxpayers.”

    • Posted by SF Taxpayer

      The OSTR charges a fee to hosts directly tied to the costs of the office. It isn’t costing anyone else anything.

  2. Posted by Ohlone Californio

    Wonder how many of the complaints were totally bogus. I anecdotally know of several from busybody SF people who need to figure out a way to live their own lives somehow. So if I happen to know of a few, three to be clear, there’s probably a lot more than that.

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