In the works since 2015, plans to level the former AltSchool building at 1245 Folsom Street and build up to 64 feet in height upon its through-block site could be approved this week.

As redesigned by D-Scheme Studio and now sporting a more industrial, versus upscale contemporary, look, the proposed 37-unit development would rise up to six stories in height along Folsom Street, with a 3,500-square-foot commercial space on its ground floor, and five stories on the rear half of the site, fronting Ringold.

The two building masses, with individual rooftop open spaces and a courtyard between, would share a basement garage for 18 cars and 40 bikes.

And while Planning has received “correspondence expressing opposition to the project…centered on [its] proposed height,” the Department has found that the project is, “on balance,” consistent with the City’s Planning Code and Western SoMa Area Plan. And as such, the Department is recommending that the Commission approve the project as proposed.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Big D

    “As redesigned by D-Scheme Studio and now sporting a more industrial, versus upscale contemporary…” I.e. designed it down to make it cheaper to build.

    • Posted by Anonymous

      And removed those evil, evil luxury tall windows. /s

  2. Posted by KKP

    Too bad the 1st proposal was scrapped as it brought architectural interest to the block. There are enough original industrial structures.The developer is just trying to save $$$

  3. Posted by BTinSF

    I rather like the industrial look of the street-facing portion so favor the redesign for that but I hate the chopping off at the knees of the rear “mass” which is hardly noticeable in these renderings.

  4. Posted by Amewsed

    Like the first design much more. What is wrong with looking upscale and good? Who is dictating aesthetics?

    D-Scheme did some work for one of my prior retail tenants. I saw their plans and tried very hard not to laugh. Then stuck to my guns about non-negotiable rents and annual increases, and protecting my interests and the interests of my future buyers.

  5. Posted by Metroliner

    What is going on with the Raw Iron welding shop next door? I walked by yesterday and it’s completely cleaned out.

  6. Posted by keenplanner

    Cheap-looking, banal design. We don’t need anymore ugly buildings.

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