1245 Folsom Street Site

Plans to raze the one-story building at 1245 Folsom Street, which is currently occupied by AltSchool, have been submitted to the City for review.

As proposed, a seven-story building fronting Folsom, with 37 residential units over a two-story commercial space and an underground parking for 25 cars, would rise upon the Western SoMa parcel.

1245 Folsom Street Design

The proposed building would step down to five stories in height along Ringold Street, at the rear of the 1245 Folsom Street parcel, with an elevated private courtyard between.

1245 Folsom Building Section

Including 1245 Folsom Street, AltSchool currently has four schools in San Francisco, with a fifth in Potrero and a sixth at 300 4th Street scheduled to open next year and plans for at least one other to the south in the works.

5 thoughts on “Plans to Raze SoMa School for Condos to Rise”
  1. I don’t have kids nor could I afford private school in SF, but AltSchool is priced at $2625/month. The last month (June) appears to count as a full month even though it only has 8 school days.

    Also, this backs up onto the giant 8th/Harrison development. I wonder what the back alley will look like?

  2. The adjacent property visible on the right edge of the photo frame, 1251 Folsom, had been a Crossfit space for years but has recently been vacated and gutted. One wonders if there is any connection to the proposed condos building next door…?

  3. This is why IMO central SOMA should not be upzoned.

    Building to current height maximums, about 8 stories, this one parcel yields 37 units. If that side of the block were so build out what would we be at 110, 120 units. Add in the other side of the block and you get the picture.

    Under existing zoning, I’d guess thousands of units could be added in central SOMA and that alone will lead to more gridlock. Leave it be as is – current zoning will result in a huge population increase in the area. And a lot more housing.

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