With the projected timing to secure the necessary entitlements to move forward with Build Inc’s massive India Basin project – a proposed development which could now yield up to 1,575 units of housing, 1,800 parking spaces, 209,000 square feet of commercial space and 5.6 acres of open space along San Francisco’s eastern shoreline – having been pushed back to the end of this year, the target date for breaking ground has formally been pushed back as well.

Assuming the project is approved by the city, and there are no other significant delays or challenges, Build Inc. is now estimating that the ground could be broken in early 2020 and construction completed in phases over a period of 5 to 15 years, “based on market demand and financing.”

And having faced pushback from the community for planning to meet the development’s inclusionary housing requirement by building its affordable housing component offsite, the proposed number of below market rate (BMR) units to be included within the development has been increased to 394 (25 percent of the total).

9 thoughts on “New Timing and Affordability for Massive India Basin Development”
  1. Do we know where the T-Line loop will run out along cargo way and run around to BVHP and Brisbane Schlage Lock HSR station, and the Geneva Harney Line?

  2. With big projects like this, I wish there was a transit component. In this case perhaps, let’s branch T down Evans / Innes and into the former radioactive shipyard.

    1. This small residential area would be irrelevant for significant sea level rise. Probably all resources would be focused on more important buildings, like hospitals and the sinking airport.

      1. I would think it would be relevant for the people living there (who probably take some comfort in the fact that it seems to be built on a raised elevation, has a buffer zone…).

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