Built to serve as an armory for the National Guard around 1906, and on the market for $9.9 million early last year, the asking price for the three-story parking garage at 819 Ellis Street is now down to an even $8 million.

While since shuttered, the third floor of the garage had been illegally converted into the “American International Hostel,” an un-permitted tourist hotel which had operated up until last year despite being on the City’s radar since 2014.

Keep in mind that the Ellis Street site is zoned for development up to 130 feet in height and the existing Polk Gulch garage has been deemed as having no historical importance to the city, state or nation.

2 thoughts on “Price Cut for Another Former Armory in San Francisco”
  1. Tear this out and build. One of the more connected parts of the city (especially with BRT coming), so it makes no sense that this is so underutilized.

    1. Agreed. Nice through lot with access to both Ellis and Willow streets. If the SFUSD owned parking lot and building next door ever end up on the market it would make for a nice consolidated development opportunity.

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