If the Port’s plans are approved as proposed and dredging commences in mid-2019 as currently envisioned, San Francisco’s future Mission Bay Ferry Landing near the intersection of Terry A. Francois Boulevard and 16th Street, cater-corner to Chase Center and adjacent to the future Bayfront Park, could be operational as early as the first quarter of 2021, as newly rendered below.

A proposed Water Taxi Landing, which is to be located approximately 400 feet south of the proposed Ferry Landing, adjacent to Agua Vista Park, could be operational six months earlier (August 2020).

And in addition to peak hour services to and from Alameda-Oakland, Vallejo and potentially Larkspur, linked via San Francisco’s Ferry Building terminal, special event services would be provided for all scheduled Golden State Warriors’ games and around 20 other big evening or weekend events at the Chase Center.

We’ll keep you posted and plugged-in.

30 thoughts on “Details and Timing for Mission Bay Ferry and Water Taxi Service”
  1. Is there a reason why both the water taxi landing and Ferry landing can’t be one in the same to make it easy for transfers?

    1. Second – as well as for ease of use / making the service more accessible to users – *and*, presumably, lowering costs because you don’t need to build 2 docks. It’s certainly hard to imagine ferry use intense enough that it would be a problem to interweave with water taxis (which are currently a pretty vague pipe dream in any event).

      1. Tideline and SF Water Taxi already exist. And at least in the case of Tideline, they are already working on expansion.

        1. My point is that they’re nothing like true, frequent (and used) water taxi services such as in Vancouver.

  2. After the water taxi service takes off, can we expect an uber/lyft type private boat service that follows?

    1. The city will have to fine hipsters who, in addition to poorly parking scooters on sidewalks, will be littering the bay with water scooters.

  3. I would love it if there were swarms of water taxis serving:

    Fort Mason
    Pier 43 / Pier 39
    Ferry Bldg.
    ATT Park
    Pier 70
    Treasure Island

    1. And Pier 30/32, where Uber will be putting their helicopter service to/from SFO, OAK and elsewhere. And then I woke up…

  4. Try Tideline Marine. There is (or was) a second water taxi company SF Water Taxi but not sure if it is still running.

    1. Pretty sure they are, last time I was walking near pier 37 they were aggressively trying to attract passengers onto their ferry, but it has limited destinations.

      I would like an easier way to get from SOMA to the Bay Area Discovery Museum in Sausalito, but since they don’t seem to publish pricing or make it really easy to book this travel, I just take AC transit to the lateral there and the public ferry back to the ferry buidling instead with my kids. And yes I probably could just drive since I do own a car but that is in the category of things I would prefer not to do. Definitely would be willing to pay $75 per ride one way for this privilege.



    D10 / D11 through a direct T-Line Extension and Loop around connecting the waterfront to High-Speed Rail and Balboa Park BART station looped around cargo-way.

    Think big or go home in traffic…

    1. SSF already has a ferry

      Brisbane does not in my mind’s eye suitable waterfront. Where would that be?

  6. all thew way to the south BAY!!!!! I live in downtown SF and work in San Mateo, would much rather be in a boat then in traffic!

    1. How about a nice modern electric train like the rest of the developed world has in this setting? You could walk to that new train station and be downtown San Mateo in about 25 minutes.

      When you boat let you off in San Mateo think you’d be anywhere near you office?

      1. Because last mile shuttles totally don’t exist… oh wait. There’s literally zero reason why we couldn’t have both an electrified Caltrain and expanded ferry service.

        1. Well there is a world of limited resources so we can’t have everything but OK, I guess no reason

          The ferry being planned for RWC will carry like 150 people per boat trip. They would be lucky to have 3 at commute times from the East Bay

          The SSF ferry carries like 400-500 people a day from the East Bay

          If there was a proper train from SF to San Mateo what is your over/under on ridership on a ferry for the same space? Maybe a ferry to Foster City would capture a few riders

          1. It’s not supposed to be the primary high capacity method of moving people. It’s supposed to be supplemental and give people an additional option. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

          2. There is nothing wrong except with limited resources for transportation we should be sure we use them wisely

            Like a ferry to Foster City walking distance to Gilead and with plans to intensive housing development within walking distance seems wise and holistic planning.

            Just sticking ferries where nobody is going is not great

  7. Before this article I had no idea that there was a bird platform at pier 64.

  8. I had never heard of cater-corner, and was interested to learn kitty-corner is actually a corruption of cater-corner.

    1. NYT asks how you pronounce this (kitty-, catty-, or cater-corner) and uses that to guess your US regional “accent” (not the right word but I’m drawing a blank).

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