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As we first reported at the beginning of the year, the owners of the shuttered Real Food Company building on the southeast corner of Fillmore and Filbert had quietly met with the City to discuss a conversion of the nearly 12,000-square-foot structure into a “luxury fine casual restaurant and fitness studio,” with said “luxury fine casual restaurant” being Shake Shack.

And the formal application to convert the Cow Hollow building at 3060 Fillmore into a full service restaurant “d.b.a. Shake Shack,” along with a separate yoga studio, has now officially been submitted to the city for processing.

In related restaurant and neighborhood news, the iconic International House of Pancakes (IHOP) a few blocks away has now been shuttered, a move which shouldn’t catch any plugged-in readers by surprise.

46 thoughts on “Location for First Shake Shack in San Francisco Confirmed”
    1. Lots of luck getting that approved–the neighborhood would jump on any such proposal and tear it apart, and they have the money to litigate. The property owners know this, so they have no intention of proposal something like that.

    2. I don’t know if housing above a burger joint would work. Smelling scorched beef every day would be not desirable.

      1. The ONLY downside to living about a Shake Shack would be you’d want to eat a burger 4 times a week. It’s better for the waistline to live a good inconvenient distance away but that would be the ONLY reason not to.

      2. As I recall, the tenants that lived above the Burger King on 9th Ave resorted to signs of disapproval in their windows.

  1. Shake Shake is not a luxury fine casual restaurant!!! It’s like saying McDonald’s is a 3 star Michelin restaurant!

    1. You are wrong and a snob OR you don;t know what a good burger is if you think it tases like McD. Vegans should stay out of this conversation. I don;t weigh in on things I know absolutely nothing about.

      1. Shake shack is delicious but nothing luxury about it. Sweetgreen or Mixt would be the vegetable focused (not quite vegan/vegetarian) equivalent.

  2. Indicative of what seems to be a trend away from us buying ingrediants and making our own meals to eating out instead (and, yes, photographing the experience to shpw off to the watching world).

    1. I think there has been a trend of eating out for several generations, especially in big metro areas like San Francisco.

    2. It’s a trend that is even shrinking the size of kitchens in many newbuilds. Who needs a kitchen if every meal is eaten out or delivered? Many 20-30yr old people I know cook about 0% of their meals.

    1. Having had all four, I can easily say that Shake Shack does not hold a candle to Roam. Yes, Shake Shack is good.

        1. haven’t had Roam but I’d put Shake Shack well ahead of Umami, which is just average, and I think a little ahead of Super Duper.

          1. Sounds right.
            1. SS
            2. SD
            3. Roam
            4. Umami

            For fancy burgers, I like Nopa and would put them just below Super Duper. 4505 might be at the top.

  3. Great, so one of the better grocery stores on this side of the city is being replaced by a milkshake restaurant? Freaking great.

    1. If people patronized this “better grocery” store than they would still be located there. Every time I went, the grocery store was more than half-empty. They do have a location on Polk Street that is still open if you enjoyed shopping at this store.

    2. That grocery store absolutely sucked. I really wanted it to be remotely decent, but it sucked all the way around. They took it beyond having long slow checkout lines. They literally just would not have a checker. Like, at all. It was odd.

      1. I used to work up the street and good god, the lines were slow. Even when they had enough checkers there each one seemed to be on quaaludes and getting rung up was an unbelievably slow process.

  4. If the yoga studio also has a gym/workout area then it would make a lot of sense: eat fatty sugary foods and then go exercise right next door. Consumer quid pro quo at its finest.

  5. Blame it on the Millennials! Lots of disposable income to eat and drink! They will never own homes and most are in roommate situations which drives them out onto the streets to eat and drink. Shack Shack hits a home run here.

  6. I hope the neighbors of this place can tune out the 24/7 cars circling around looking for parking. These chains are pretty high-traffic. On that note, this will only make the desolate storefronts on Union even worse as this SS location will suck up all of the available parking for competing businesses.

    From a parking perspective, this is a very unbalanced decision

    1. A drive through might solve that problem. Or walking. Or taking the bus. Or cooking the meal at home.

      1. It’s more expensive to cook a burger at home (if I’m buying from the local store or nearby BiRite), will make my place smell like burger for hours (which won’t bother me or the boys but my partner will complain), and won’t be nearly as delicious.

    2. Most of the neighbors, including myself (not immediate neighbor, but in the neighborhood), already know there is no parking. We walk or take a cab/Uber or Muni to most places in the city, except on “big grocery” days. Our car is in our garage and used for commuting. I seriously doubt many people are going to drive in to Shake Shake, but if they want to circle the block looking for now existent parking, more power to them.

  7. Since Shake Shack is being presented as a “luxury fine casual restaurant”, I looked up the prices for the food. Shake Shack will probably jack up the prices since this is San Francisco, California, but here’s what one website quotes as the food prices:
    ShackBurger Single $5.29
    ShackBurger Double $8.09
    SmokeShack Single $6.84
    SmokeShack Double $9.64
    ‘Shroom Burger (Vegetarian) $6.99
    Shack Shack $9.59
    Hamburger Single $4.29
    Hamburger Double $6.59
    Add Bacon $1.55
    Fries $2.99
    Cheese Fries $3.99

        1. Their Tejano Bison burger is great, but too small and their fry portion leaves a lot to be desired, not worth $20 since you leave still feeling hungary.

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