Plans for a boutique 12-room hotel, with a 1,800-square-foot ground floor restaurant and a decent sized roof deck for guests, but no formal hotel lobby, to rise up to 40 feet in height on 18th Street, in the heart of the Castro, could be approved on March 1.

As proposed, the former Cafe La Taza and Bar Vero building turned Bite Me Sandwiches outlet at 4230 18th Street, between Collingwood and Diamond, would be razed to make way for the project, the demolition permit for which has already been requested and is in the works.

And as we first reported last year, the development is slated to rise up to 40 feet in height upon the building’s site with a modern design by Cass Calder Smith Architecture.

8 thoughts on “Boutique Hotel in the Castro Closer to Reality”
  1. This would be fantastic for the Castro. Great use of space, and the building it replaces is old and dilapidated.

    Please please NIMBYs, stay away.

  2. The neighborhood needs some boutique hotels like this . Castro is an international destination for lot of LGBT tourists. It’s the place where lot of us have felt so normal and how you want the world to treat us

  3. The top floor should be a-framed like the Victorians all around it. It looks so jakey the way it is, like similar recent buildings on Castro street that are out of place. It can be modern and still give a nod to the neighborhood.

  4. Boutique hotel with no parking and no architectural symbiosis with the surrounding buildings seems to be another step towards Manhattanization of the Castro. No thank you.

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